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Kis Miklos
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 Addressline 1: 98 Margit str.
 City Town: BUDAPEST
 Country: HUNGARY
 Telephone: 36-20- 9336463
 Fax: 36-1-4038906
 Expertise and skill
Dr. eng. Csaba ÁRKOSSY Date: 20.01.2006 Family Name: Árkossy Given name: Csaba Initial: Dr. eng. Mailing Address: Dr. Arkossy Csaba Margit u. 98. II. 3., H-1165 Budapest, Hungary E-mail Address: Education High School: Bolyai High-school of Tirgu Mures (Marosvásárhely) /Romania/ Degree: high-school graduation (1961) Graduate School: Polytechnic Institute of Cluj (Kolozsvár) /Romania/ Degree: Building engineer's diploma (1967) Other: Institute of Building and Construction of Bucharest /Romania/ Degree: Doctor of technical sciences (1989) Technical Skills Operating Systems: DOS, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Compiler Languages: COBOL, Development Environments: „TISA”, ReMind, Westmount-CASE, Lotus-Notes 3., 4., Sterling Tools: Cool:Stuff set (Cool:Biz, Cool: Dat, Cool:Jex, Cool:Gen / Texas Instruments: Composer/), ORACLE – Designer 2000, Rational: Rose. Database access technologies: ODBC Network Technologies: TCP/IP, HTTP Analysis and Design Methods: BISAD (Business Information System-Analysis and Design), LDS - ADES (ISDOS / Michigan University), Varnier, de Marco, Yourdon, Constantine, Jackson, Codd, HIPO, SSADM, IBM-LOV, Sterling, Object Oriented System Design (OMT, UML, Unified Process), IBM/San Francisco Framework, Experience Developing Web Sites: Full service Home Page designs (passive and interactive areas, RDB access, Virtual reality applications) Other software domains: Data mining, Decision Support (DataScope & DecArt) Portal engine, knowledge base, knowledge web, metadata-base, Professional Experience Current Employer: TRIOPUS Inc. partnership (formerly known as Interactive Network Hungaria Ltd. partnership) Starting Date: 1993. Title: owner, executive manager Duties: management, research, consulting and design service, Accomplishments: Free-text Database Management Applications, (1995) „Polymedia System” Application (using several different media with the same content: BBS, Audiotex, Data Broadcast by Television, Teletext, Internet, CD-ROM), (1996) Internet and Intranet Application Designs (1996) Applications concepts in Lotus Notes (1997) Project Managing Technology using Lotus Notes,(1998) Lectures in BPR (Business Process Reengineering) and CABE, (Computer Aided Business Engineering) courses for analysts (1998) „ARIADNE's Yarn” Functional Reverse Engineering Tool (1998) „System Encyclopaedia” Documentation Encyclopaedia for Information Systems, (1998) Data Modelling and Reverse Engineering using Sterling Tools (1998), „Path Tracker” (Path Guide & Path Finder) – device for documentation and instruction, (1998) Intelligent Heterogeneous Systems in Object Oriented Vision (concept), The Dynamic Business Reality in Front of Unified Modelling Language, Intelligent Multi-Project Management System (concept), (1999) “SyDiSy”- System for support the “system diagnosis” (concept).(1999) Knowledge Base Management System (2000) MetaKnowledgeBase (2001) Knowledge Treasury (2003) Digital Gene Engine (2004) Knowledge Center's Network (2004) Knowledge Product Wizard Family (2005) Polyhistor Portal-engine Workframe (2005) Megaportal for EuConTech Project (2005) Previous Employer: USERLAND Ltd. - Budapest Starting Date: 1989 Ending Date: 1992 Title: System Analyst Duties: System testing by self-made Demo Applications for ReMind Accomplishments: „Business Board” Management Information System Previous Employer: Complex of Heavy Industry of Cluj (CUG) /Romania/ Computational Centre Starting Date: 1984, Ending Date: 1989 Title: Head of Software Development Department, Duties: Multi-team and multi-project Management, System analysis and design for main-frame applications. Accomplishments: Design and development of Computer Aided Integrated Management Systems for the CUG, CASE Tool Development: „TISA” (Interactive Technology for Application Software) Proudest professional achievements: 1. I was awarded by the Romanian Academy of Sciences' Prize in 1980 for my theoretical and practical contributions to „Computer Aided Analysis and Design of Information Systems”. 2. My doctoral dissertation: MULTIDISCIPLINARY AND INTERDISCIPLINARY APROACH OF INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (1989)
European Research
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