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Nanowire-based One-Dimensional Electronics

Acronym: NODE

Project Status History
unknown 9/30/2005
 Funding Programmes
CORDIS Integrated Project9496000 

NODE focuses on an innovative bottom-up approach to fabrication and integration of nanoelectronic devices, based on self-assembling semiconductor nanowires. The primary target is to deliver replacement and add-on technologies to silicon CMOS, such as FET devices for logics and III-V bipolar transistors for RF applications. NODE will study key device families based on semiconductor nanowires, assess their compatibility with conventional semiconductor processing, and evaluate novel architectural concepts and their implementation scenarios. It is the overall objective of the NODE Integrated Project to demonstrate that nanowire-based device technology is the disruptive technology needed for long-term innovation and growth in the electronics industry. NODE hereby takes on the challenge as formulated in the IST Work Programme: "breaking new barriers with current CMOS technology below 10 nanometers as well as the exploration of alternative materials". The partners are leading academic groups in nanowire research and semiconductor nanofabrication, research laboratories from major European electronics industries (Philips, IBM and Infineon), an SME-company specialized in nanowire device technology (QuMat), as well as a major European Si-technology research centre (IMEC). This coverage of the entire science-technology-application chain among the partners ensures early access for the European electronics industry to the knowledge generated within NODE, and maximizes the likelihood of effective exploitation of its results. At the end of the project, a selection of the most promising nanowire technologies will have been made and the incorporation of nanowire devices into Si-technology demonstrated. It is further expected that the knowledge gained will support other European science and technology efforts, e.g. in quantum information technology, in opto-electronics, photo-voltaics, and general lighting, as well as in nanomechanics (NEMS), sensors and bio-medical application.

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