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CORDIS FP5 Projects: More
"synthetic organic chemisty
100 kw axial flux permanent magnet generator for direct drive stand alone windturbines
10th Meeting of Directors of Fisheries EU Research Organisations
2KAN - JPEG 2000 Advanced Networking
3AS - Active aeroelastic aircraft structure (3AS)
3DIMPRINT - The integration of novel printing and forming techniques for thee dimentional in-mould printing.
3D-RID - 3-d radiation imaging detectors
3PI - Postpone polymer processing instabilities (3PI)
5 YEAR ASSESSMENT - 5 Year Assessment PC 3 - 4 - 5
5 YEAR ASSESSMENT - 5 Year Assessment PC 3- 4 - 5
8TH ICBPPI - The 8th international conference on biotechnology in the pulp and paper industry
A digital exhibition on life sciences
A new treatment for acid waters deriving from olive squeezing
A novel miniatiruzed high voltage surge arrester
A thematic network for quality and trust in the industrial application of computation fluid dynamics
ABOLLO RODRIGUEZ ELV - Molecular studies on anisakid nematode populations: genetic variation, ecology and evolution.
ACE-GIS - ACE-GIS: Adaptable and Composable E-commerce and Geographic Information Services
ACTEN - Anticipating Content Technology Needs: Business Monitor & Know-How Transfer
ACTINIDE USER LAB - Actinide user laboratory at institute for transuranium elements, karlsruhe
ACTIVATED CVD - Development of techniques for monitoring activated cvd
ADAPTED STEEL PARTS - Development of adapted steel parts forged under semi-solid conditions for the industrial market
ADCIS - Advanced Display for Car Information Systems
ADDAV - Molecular and immunological characterization of merozoite antigens and their encoding genes of a theileria species highly pathogenic for small ruminants in china: application for the development of diagnostics and vaccine.
ADMALI - Adhesive interactions in malaria: new targets for intervention
ADUMS - Adaptive 4-D Processing for Digital Ultrasound Medical Systems
ADVAC-4 - Fourth advanced vaccinology course (ADVAC-4)
Advanced control and unified approach for water management
Advanced studies in international economic policy research
Advanced system for monitoring em pollution
Advances in kowledge of radiative, physico-chemical properties of marine aerosols
ADVANTAGAS - ADVANTAgeous applications of GAS sensors for security and consumer applications
AEROFIL - New concept of high pressure hydraulic filter for aeronautics preserving environment (AEROFIL)
AEROHEX - Advanced exhaust gas recuperator technology for aero-engine applications
Aetiology, ultrastructure and development of intracellular endoparasitic protozoa infecting ibero-Atlantic fishes
AGNIESZKA DZWONEK - Mannose binding lectin (mbl) and infection in premature neonates.
AGROIWATECH - Cost-effective technologies for wastewater treatment and waste biodegradation in agro-industries with reclamation of resources
AHEAD - Development and integration of advanced heat exchangers and process control for high energy efficient distillation column ('AHEAD')
ALEXANDRE MAGNO BARB - The role of viruses on bacterial production in polar habitats
ALISA - Alimentation savoir-faire et innovations agroalimentaires en afrique de l'ouest
ALKEMA, WYNAND - Investigation of regulation of gene expression in staphylococcus aureus
ALP-NET - Thematic NEtwork on Trans ALPine crossing
AMBIPAH - Mechanism-based approaches to improved cancer risk assessment of ambient air polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
AMBROSINO CONCETTA - Regulation of g2 cell cycle arrest mediated by p38 map-kinases
Améliorer l'efficacité des systèmes de recherche publics: organisation d'un atelier régional de concertation entre pays du maghreb méditerranéen (maroc, algérie, tunisie)
AMETIST - Advanced Methods for Timed Systems
AMONCO - Advanced prediction, monitoring and controlling of anaerobic digestion processes behaviour towards biogas usage in fuel cells - target action h (AMONCO)
ANIMATED AGENTS - Integration of Animated Agents into Virtual Learning Environments for Socially Disadvantadged People
ANTA2001 - The second forum of the high representatives of euro-med rtd public institutions as a tool for the development of the euro-mediterranean partnership
ANTI TUMOR ANGIOGENE - Targeting signals essential for angiogenesis
ANTONIO MARTURANO - Molecular geneticists as hackers of human data
APART2 - Automatic Performance Analysis: Real Tools
APOTOOL - Natural apomixis as a novel tool in plant breeding
Application of high cell density bioreactors to whey bioutilization - modelling and scale-up strategy
Applications of brilliant infrared synchrotron radiation to basic and applied researches
APPOL - Approximation and On-line Algorithms
AQUA-CHIP - Development and validation of a dna-chip technology for the assessment of the bacteriological quality of bathing and drinking water
AQUA-FLOW NETWORK - Aqua-Flow: European network for the dissemination of aquaculture RTD information
ARBAO-II - Antibiotic resistance in bacteria of animal origin -ii (ARBAO-II)
ARC - Aquaculture research centre
Are there intrinsic inhomogeneties in strong coupling systems?
ARHEMED - Reconstructing the man-landscape interaction in the east mediterranean : an interdisciplinary course to valorise the archaeological heritage
ARIS - Augmented Reality Image Synthesis through illumination reconstruction and its integration in interactive and shared mobile AR-systems for E- (motion)-commerce applications
ARIVAC-3 - Efficacy of an 11-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in preventing radiologically confirmed pneumonia in the philippines
ARTEMIS - Advanced Research and TEchnology for Microelectronics Integrated Silicon devices
ARTEMIS - Assessment of Road Transport Emission Models and Inventory Systems
ARTISTE - An Integrated Art Analysis and Navigation Environment
ARTUR RZEZUTKA - Detection, survival and elimination of human enteric viruses in soft fruit.
ASSET - Architectural Solutions for Services Enhancing digital Television
ASSOCIATION CONTRACT - Fusion thermonucleaire controlee action generale
ASTOR - Assessment and testing of advanced energy storage systems for propulsion and other electrical systems in passenger cars.
Asymmetric imino ene reactions
ATEP-SME - Advanced knowledge-based tools for efficient process improvements in manufacturing and assembly in smes
ATHANASIOS MITRELIAS - Spin polarised electron spectroscopy of nanodevices and interface magnetism
ATOM - Provision of Access to Transport Models
Atom optics and quantum information processing with micro-structures
Atomic force microscopy of biomolecules and materials relevant to healthcare
Atomic force microscopy study of innate immune response complexes
ATOMOS IV - Advanced Technology to optimize Maritime operational Safety - Intelligent Vessel
ATREUS - Advance tools for rational energy use towards sustainability with emphasis on microclimatic issues in urban applications
AURORA - Auxiliary climbing robot for underwear ship hull cleaning of the sea adherence and surveying (AURORA)
Automatisation of aloe vera gel recovery under inert atmosphere
Avian acoustic communication: innovative experimental approaches and practical applications
AVIGNONE ELENA - Hypoxia/ischemia and dynamic changes in neuronal morphology and function
BACFUN - Bacterial functional genomics: dissemination of cutting-edge technology
BASIS - Business awareness on sustainable innovation strategies
BEATRIZ GIL - "identification of novel proteins involved in neuronal polarization"
BEST - Thematic network on BEnchmarking in tranSporT
BEST - Thematic Network on Benchmarking in Transport
BIDMED - Co-operative BIDding in the MEDical sector
BIO FLAM - Combustion behaviour of clean fuels in power generation ('BIO FLAM')
BIO-AEROSOLS - Aerosols in fixed-bed biomass combustion - formation, growth, chemical composition, deposition, precipitation and separation from flue gas (BIO-AEROSOLS)
BIOARTIFICIAL LIVER - Development and clinical study of a bioartificial liver based on reversibly immortalised human hepatocytes
BIOBRUSH - Novel approaches to conserve our european heritage : bioremediation for building restoration of the urban stone heritage in european states
BIODIEPRO - Demonstration Of The Production Of Biodiesel From Tallow And Recovered Vegetable Oil
BIOFELT - Novel biotechnical processes for wool felting
BIOMONECS - Development of analytical methods for biological monitoring of exposure to carcinogenic substances
BIOPAL - Algae as raw material for production of bioplastics and biocomposites contributing to sustainable development of european coastal regions
BIOPOLYMERS FOR FOOD - Biopolymer-based microstructures for improved food quality
BIOSENS - Vapour dEtEctION - Area reduction in demining
BIO-SMR - Application of New Vapour Mixture Cycle for the Improvement of Electric Efficiency in a Biomass Power Plant
BLEACH-CHEM PILOT - Pilot de blanchiment du ctp
BLISTA - The development and validation of a mechanical measurement and testing machine, to define the performance, reliability and safety of child proof pharmaceutical blister packs (BLISTA)
BLUEEAR - Bluetooth Assistive Listening System
BOJCAS - Bolted joints in composite aircraft structures (BOJCAS)
BONACCURSO, ELMAR - Fabrication of microlenses and microreaction vessels from polymers
BOND - Biogenic aerosols and air quality in the mediterranean area
BOUVARD DANIEL - Analysis of icap-1 (integrin cytoplasmic domain associated protein) function in vivo.
Building of an information interfaces for rtd co-operation between the european union and russia
CADZIE - Catastrophic avalanches: defense structures and zoning in europe
CAGE - Compared developmental analysis of gene networks between vertebrates and drosophila
CALATAYUD,MONICA - Reactivity of the vanadia/titania catalyst for the nox removal : a periodic dft study
CALIXSEN - Development of a calixarene based electrochemical sensor for monitoring cations and anions in effluent streams (CALIXSEN)
Cambridge economics application for marie curie training site status
CAMELS - Carbon assimilation and modelling of the european land surface
CANADIS - Carbon nanotubes for large area displays
CANCER AND MSI - Novel approaches towards the diagnosis and therapy of tumours with microsatellite instability.
CANCERRISKBIOMARKERS - Cytogenetic biomarkers and human cancer risk
CARTS - Computer Aided architectural analysis of Real-Time Systems
CASH - Customer After Sales Help
CASTOC - Crack growth behaviour of low alloy steel for pressure boundary components under transient light water reactor (LWR) operating conditions
CATHERINE BELLINI - Analysis of hormonal mutants and knock out of genes in poplar using rnai.
CATS - Cyanobacteria attack rocks : control and preventive strategies to avoid damage caused by cyanobacteria and associated microorganisms in roman hypogean monuments (CATS)
CAU ELISE - Genetic analysis of neuronal patterning in the zebrafish epiphysis
CAWICOMS - Customer-Adaptive Web Interface for the Configuration Of products and services with Multiple Suppliers
CCPED - Cervical cancer public education programme (CCPED)
CDMED - Scenarios and strategies for the implementation of the clean developmernt mechanism of the kyoto protocol in the mediterranean region ('CDMED')
CELL CYCLE AND DORMA - Regulation of the cell cycle and dormancy in mycobacterium tuberculosis
Cell tropism and the pathogenesis of siv-indused disease
CEMAT - Contactless Environment for Medical Advenced Telediagnose
Centre for sustainable development and management of the black sea region
CHAINFEED - A dynamic networked virtual supply CHAIN for co-operative resource planning in FEED related production.
Characterisation of k-arc transitive covering digraphs
Characterization of glycoslation structures of pharmaceutical proteins produced in plants with dna-microarrays and glycoprotein fingerprinting
CHEMOKINES - Modulation of the chemokine system in experimental models of disease
CHIC - Consortium for hamiltonian intramolecular computing
CHICKFOOD - Chickpea as a potential source of high-quality protein for food formula
CHILDRENGENONETWORK - European network on children's susceptibility and exposure to environmental genotoxicants
CHILD-THYR - Risk of thyroid cancer following exposure to I-131 early in life
CHP SEWAGE GASFN - Sewage sludge gasification for chp applications (CHP SEWAGE GASFN)
CHROM6LESS - Prevention of chromium (vi) formation by improving the tannery processes
CHROMOSOME STRUCTURE - Mechanisms of formation of ionising radiation-induced chromosomal aberrations: Impact of repair pathways and nuclear architecture
CICLOP - Computerised and integrated closing operations
CINTRANET - Using Intranet Technologies To Support Continuous Improvement In SME's
CINZIA CASAGRANDE - Fano varieties and nef cones of toric hypersurfaces
CISONET - Towards a european civil society
CITYCELL - Fuel Cell Energy In Cities
Cladding and hardening of hardly accessible locations in 3d products
CLAWAR - Climbing and walking robots : mobile robotic demonstrators and applications
Clean oxidation processes in fluorous media
Cleaner chemistry in supercritical carbon dioxide
CLIFF - CLuster Initiative for Flood and Fire emergencies
COD - The use of FISH techniques for retrospective biological dosimetry
CODTRACE - Establishing traceability for cod (Gadus morhua): determining location of spawning and harvest
Cognitive processes in probabilistic reasoning
CO-GOVERN - Promoting common property in africa: networks for influencing policy and governance of natural resources
COM-ART - Global Art Gallery - Virtual Environment for Commerce of Art
COMBINE 2 - Enhanced COntrol centres for fixed and Moving Block sIgNalling systEms - 2
COMBO - Development of Low Emissions Condensing Tele-controlled 400-4000 Kw Gas-fired Water Boiler Systems (combo)
COMFORT FERRY CRUISE - a cooperative research project to develop a future comfortship with optimized energy recuperation system, able to sail in bad weather conditions (9bft), with a revolutionary new single hull with outriggers (comfort ferry cruise)
COMMORG - Organizational Consequences Of E-mail Introduction, Adoption And Diffusion
Compact monitoring and assessment system
Compact porous-graded ceramic filters for particulate removal
Comparative analysis of proteome modulation in human pathogenic bacteria for the identification of new vaccines, diagnostics and antibacterial drug targets
COMPOST MANAGEMENT - Management of soil health in horticulture using compost
Composts with mycorrhizal infection capacity of plant roots
CONDICOMP - Material-state based control in composites processing through dielectric monotoring
CONDOR - Consumer decision-making on organic products
Conformal geometry and holomorphic dynamics
CONSCISE - The contribution of social capital in the social economy to local economic development in western
CONSUMER - FOCUS - Workshop to catalyse the impact of consumer science, and new consumer scientists on key action 1, and europe
CONTAINER CORROSION - Long-term performance of candidate materials for HLW / spent fuel disposal containers
Continuous monolithic chromatographic device
CONTRACT OF ASSOCIAT - Contract of association
CONTRACT OF ASSOCIAT - Contract of Association
CONTRACT OF ASSOCIAT - Contract of association
Control synchronization and characterization of spatially extended nonlinear system
Controlling the self-organised phases of manganites
CONVIVIO - CONVIVIO - The Network for People-Centred Design of Interactive Systems
Coordination of research into and understanding of stratospheric ozone over europe-ii
COPHIT - Computer-Optimised Pulmonary delivery in Humans of Inhaled Therapies
Coping with an extreme environment : carbon acquisition by phytoplankton
Corporate finance and competition policy
CORTEX - Design and Construction of Elements of a Hybrid Molecular Electronic Retina-Cortex Structure
Cosmological perturbations in multi-component systems
COST ACTION 814 - Support for the organisation of a workshop entitles "alternative crops for sustainable agriculture" held in turku/finland from 13 to 15 june 1999 in the frame of cost action 814
COST ACTION 819 - Support for short term scientific missions (stsm) on "entomopathogenic nematodes" in the frame of cost action 819 - exercice 1999
COST ACTION 820 - Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "immunity to coccidial parasites: from natural infections to molecular vaccination" held in bern/switzerland from 11 to 14 november 1999
COST ACTION 825 - Support for short term scientific missions on "mammary gland biology" in the frame of cost action 825 - exercice 1999
COST ACTION 833 - Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "mange and myasis in livestock" held in cluj/romania from 2 to 4 september 1999
COST ACTION 840 - Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "the impact of immobilization on the physiology of immobilized organisms" held in prague / czech republic from 26 to 28 april 2002 in the frame of cost action 840
COST ACTION 918 - Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "the official satellite meeting of the 9th european congress of obesity: body weight and energy expenditure. functional food and nutrition technology" held in ancona/italy from 6 to 8 june
COST ACTION B10 - Support for short term scientific missions (stsm) on "brain damage repair" in the frame of cost action b10 - exercice 1999
COST ACTION B14 - Support for the organisation of a study entitled "collecting, indexing and analysis of all relevant publications at the european level on"hyperbaric oxygen therapy" and setting up of a database" held in lille/france from 07/04/2000 to 06/04
COST ACTION D14 - Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "functional molecular materials" held in lausanne/switzerland from 8 to 10 september 2002 in the frame of cost action d14
COST ACTION D22 - Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "nanotechnology opportunities from membrane mimetic systems" held in graz/austria from 11 to 12 october 2002 in the frame of cost action d22
COST ACTION E26 - Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "managing pulp and paper process residues" held in barcelona/spain from 30 to 31 may 2002 in the frame of cost action e26
COST ACTION G9 - Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "towards a cadastral core domain model" held in delft/the netherlands from 10 to 12 october 2002 in the frame of cost action g9
Coupled mechanical and electronic properties of carbon nanotubes based systems
Coupling between phytoplankton and heterotrophic bacteria in aquatic systems
CPDW - Development of harmonised tests to be used in the european approval scheme concerning construction products in contact with drinking water (CPDW)
CREATE - Development of certified reference materials for allergenic products and validation of methods for their quantification (CREATE)
CREATIV - Commercial Retrieval for Fabrics and Design Patterns in Virtual Structures
C-REX - Continuous reactor/extractor for processing of solid materials with supercritical fluids
CRINA MARIA COJOCARU - Quadratic nonlinear interactions within 2-d semiconductor photonic crystals
CRUSTAMEL - New approaches to the crustaceans prevention of melanosis and quality indices
CRYOCOMP - Fibre reinforced engineered composites and new building materials for the transfer and the storage of fluids at cryogenic conditions
CTOSE - Cyber Tools On-Line Search for Evidence
CUPID - Co-ordinating Urban Pricing Integrated Demonstrations
CYBERMANAGEMENT - Multicultural and multilingual European portal for information and training on Quality, Management, preparation to Certification and "Business to Business" communication.
CYPRESS - Future engine cycle prediction and emissions study
CYTOKINES DESTR OA - Role of cytokines and growth factors in cartilage destruction in osteoarthritis
DAEDALUS - Delivery of aerosol products for assimilation and environmental use
DALHM - Development and Analysis of Left-Handed Materials
Danish marie curie training site in biomedical science and engineering
DANUBE - ALSO: DANUBE, advanced logistic solutions for Danube waterway
DARACH WATSON - Cosmic background source populations with multiwavelength surveys through gravitational lenses
Data integration for tomorrow's information ecosystem
DCE - Dual citizenship, governance and education: a challenge to the european nation-state
DC-TARGETING - Developing tumor vaccines, that utilise bodies own immune system, through dc targeting.
DDSI - Dependability Development Support Initiative
DEPROHEALTH - Probiotic strains with designed health properties
DESCARTES - Decision Support for Integrated Crew and Aircraft Recovery on the Day of Operations
Desensitization of gabab receptor-mediated synaptic inhibition in the neonatal rat hippocampus: mechanisms and pathological consequences
Design and development of a high-speed container feeder for short sea shipping
DESIGN OF CRYOGENIC - Design of cryogenic transfer lines and ring manifolds for ITER-FEAT.
Determination of active principles present in widely used herbal products destined to human feeding by means of innovative analytical methods.
Development and processing of improved fibre supplements for high quality food
Development of a new type of copper-nickel heatexchangers for seagoing vessels
Development of a novel, low cost, easy to use instrument to estimate composition in live animals based in measurements of backfat, loin eye muscle area and intramuscular fat
Development of a test kit for the determination of pesticides in foodstuffs
Development of conducting adhesives for the gluing of raise access floors
Development of gas separation membranes based on novel polysulfone-polyimide blends
Development of magnetically controlled shape memory materials for electromagnetic actuators
Development of method for protection of underground pipelines by internal application of a rapid reacting coating
Development of new innovative functional foods containing microcrystalline chitosan
Development of novel stereoselective bioconversion processes with yeast
Development of origin labbelled products: humanity, innovation and sustainibility
Development of vegetation media made from renewable raw materials for reclamation of eroded mediterranean areas in combination with reuse of treated waste water
DEW - Ballistic Double Electron Waveguide for Potential Use in Analog-to-digital conversion.
DIACONDUCTOR - Introduction of the rho-best diamond for active semiconductor devices
DIAMANT - Digital Film Manipulation System
Digital geographic information for level one and two survey mapping in humanitarian demining - digilosum
DIOGENE - A Training Web Broker for ICT Professionals
DIRDA - Device Improved Reliability By Deuterium Annealing
DIRECT DRIVE MINI BU - Turbine bulbe mini-hydro a entrainement direct (DIRECT DRIVE MINI BULB-TYPE HYDRAULIC UNIT)
DIVIPRO - Distributed Virtual Prototyping
DNA-TRACK - Traceability of dna fragments through the food chain by dna-pna techniques: application to novel foods
Do associations in memory impact on selective attention deployment?
DOPARTAGO - Dopaminergic partial agonist with potential against both parkinson's disease and psychosis (DOPARTAGO)
DPAG - Data policy assessment for gmes
DR. BENEDETTO RUPERT - Functional analysis of arabidopsis thaliana rop1, a model nanomachine
DR. ROLAND VOGEL - Development of a new therapy for parkinson's disease
DRIVE - Drug In Virtual Enterprise
Dynamiques sociales europeennes sur le plan urbain et regional
EBEMSLUB - Environmentally benign, energy and structural materials saving solid lubricants for machine- building industry
EBMIP - Efficient and Better Managed Industrial Processes
EBOB - Energy Efficient Behaviour in Office Buildings
EC COUPLING IN STRIA - Excitation-contraction coupling and calcium signalling in health and disease
ECC - Efficient Collaboration in the Prefabricated Components Construction Network
ECCO_BUILD - Energy and comfort control for building management systems (ECCO_BUILD)
ECHAINE - Energy wood production chains in europe (ECHAINE)
ECOCLAY II - Effects of Cement on CLAY barrier performance - phase II
E-COGNOS - Methodology, tools and architectures for electronic consistent knowledge management across projects and between enterprises in the construction domain
E-COLLEG - Advanced Infrastructure for Pan-European Collaborative Engineering
ECO-PAC - Safe and eco-efficient packaging solutions for the food industry.
ECOPVC - Substitution of o-phthalates by low-migration plasticizers in pvc plastisols
ECOSTAT - Environment Consolidated Statistical Tools
ECOSUD - Estuaries and coastal areas. basis and tools for a more sustainable development
ECOVISION - Artificial vision systems based on early cognitive cortical processing
EDEL - Enhanced Driver's pErception in poor visibiLity
EDEN - Electronic Democracy European Network
EFABIS - A european farm animal biodiversity information system (EFABIS)
E-FACTORS - E-Factors: A Thematic Network in E-Business Models
EFDA JET EXPERIMENTA - EFDA JET Experimental Campaign 2002
EFDA JET EXPERIMENTA - EFDA JET Experimental Campaign 2002 Amendment 1 to contract FU05-CT-2002-002088
EFDA JET FUSION TECH - EFDA JET fusion technology Task JW0-OFT-TEKE-02
Effective boltzmann equations for the quark gluon plasma
Effects of organic amendments on the quality of semiarid soils
EFORESEE - Exchange of foresight relevant experiences for small european and enlargement countries
EFPP 2000 - 5th congress of the european foundation for plant pathology : biodiversity in plant pathology
EGBERT FIGGEMEIER - Tuning of dye-sensitized particles in nano-structured solar cells
EGGSTAGING - Workshop for identification and staging of mackerel and horse mackerel eggs
EKONOMOU ANTIGONI - Identification and characterisation of factors involved in ventral striatum development
ELEATHER - New solutions and practices in European LEATHER and TANNING industries
ELECTROCELL - Integrated electrolysis / fuel cell systems powered by renewable energies.
Element accumulation on biofilms and daphnia from polluted surface waters using the txrf (total reflection x-ray fluorescence spectrometry)
ELIZABETH ANN FORDHA - Reflections on the revolution in europe
EMBARC - European Maritime study for Baseline and Advanced Regional and Coastal traffic management
EMBRYOS AGAINST CANC - Use of simple embryos to search for unknown genes controlling cell proliferation and death
EMEP - European mergers and employees' participation : industrial economic and anthropological study of franco-german cases.
EMLI - Phase-i and ii trials of the malaria pre-erythrocytic vaccine lsa-3 and refinement of measurable outcomes (EMLI)
ENHANCE - Green chemicals and biopolymers from rapeseed meal with enhanced end-uses performances
Enhancing mediterranean regional transport
ENHCV - Structural and functional studies of hepatitis c virus glycoproteins: identification of targets for antiviral therapy (ENHCV)
ENLUB - Development of new environmentally acceptable lubricants, tribological tests and models for european sheet forming industry
ENREVI - Enhanced Reality For The Video
Enrichment of oxygen in lean gases for the application in block type thermal power units
ENSEMBLE - Methods ro reconcile disparate national forecasts of medium and long-range atmospheric dispersion
ENSURE - Energy Services for Multi-user Business Parks with Enchanced Levels of Renewables and Rational Use of Energy - Target Action I
EN-VIE - European network for vascular disorders of the liver (EN-VIE)
ENVIREDOX - Technical and methodological implementation of a Best Available Technology (BAT) to treat special industrial residuals with urban waste depuration techniques
ENVIROINFO VIENNA 02 - ENVIROnmental communication in the INFOrmation society 16th international symposium environmental informatics 2002 (September 25-27, 2002, technical university of VIENNA, Austria)
ERA-DATABASE - Update and further development of the European radiobiology archives ('era-database')
ERIC VAN HULLEBUSCH - Optimisation of anaerobic granular sludge reactors : speciation, bioavailability and dosing strategies of trace metals
ERIK ANDREASSON - Map kinase control of plant pathogen defence
ESCAPE - Electronic sensor system for the characterisation of packaging emissions
ESPLANADE - Exploitation of scenario planning and data-searching expertise
ESTELLE MALAVOLTI-GR - Investigating the interaction between financing and innovation decisions
ETGACE - Education and training for governance and active citizenship in europe: analysis of adult learning and design of formal, non-formal and informal educational intervention strategies
Ethical issues of evidence based practice in medicine and health care.
EU ACCESS TO BRR - To promote the access of european researchers to the budapest research reactor
EUCLID POWER - 3rd Generation Igcc - Demonstration (400 Mw) at Vresova, Czech Republic
EUCLIDE - Enhanced human machine interface for on vehicle integrated driving support systems (EUCLIDE)
Eu-japan workshop-access to research and development by higt-tech smes
EUPKI - EUPKI, the libre software Public Key Infrastructure
EU-RAIN - European union-risk analysis information network
EURO MAPLIVE - A european market place to link technology ventures and equity funding
EUROBIOBANK - European network of dna, cell and tissue banks on rare diseases (EUROBIOBANK)
EUROMAIN - EUROpean railway open MAINtenance system
EUROMEET - Fifth workshop-second euroconference on clinical cytomtery : from pathogenesis to therapy (EUROMEET)
European dynamic testing machinery development for distribution package testing methods
EUROPEAN ITER SITE S - European ITER Site Study-2 Cadarache 2002
European network for hygienic manufacturing of food
European network to study the regulation of key metabolic processes by nuclear receptors
European platform for biodiversity
EUROPEAN PV CONFEREN - European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, May 2000-Demonstrating the European Unions Commitment
European thematic network on fire in tunnels
EUROPIV 2 - Europiv 2 : a joint program to improve piv performance for industry and research
EUROPRACTICE IC 2 - Europractice IC service: access to cad tools and manufacturing technologies for IC and soc design.
EUROTATE_N - Development of a model based decision support system to optimise nitrogen use in horticultural crop rotations across europe
EURO-TWIN-2-TWIN - Twin to twin transfusion syndrome and monochorionic twinning european network(EURO-TWIN-2-TWIN)
EUROVOLTE - Improved bioassays for tse agents based on the bank vole, a wild rodent species higly susceptible to scrapie (EUROVOLTE)
EU-RUSSIA ETC - Eu-Russia Energy technology centre -opet Russia
EUSKADI-CYMRU - Two Atlantic Regions for Opet Activities
Evolution in plant communities : modelling the co-evolution of life-history traits in interacting species.
EXPERIMENTAL CAMPAIG - Project management and Co-ordination of DIV sub-system design and R&D
Expert system for failure analysis in high temperature plant
EXPIDE - Extended Products in Dynamic Enterprises
Expression, enzymology and structural determination of the new phosphatase ship2
EXTRA - Extremely fast silicon transistor based on carrier velocity modulation
F. XAVIER MALCATA - Tradeoff: traditional dairy technology toward safer foods
FABRIC - Federated Applications Based on Real-time Interacting Components
Facilitating reintegration into the labour market : women and older workers
FACTS - Follow-up activities to the EuroChina2002 event focusing on Beijing2008 Olympics related opportunities
FASP - Fast translator supporting b2b-Asp applications
FAST - Field assisted sintering technology for the densification of nanostructured powders and fabrication of functionally graded materials
Fast and Automated Tooling
FASTNET - A training network for the confinement, transport and manipulation of atoms and molecules in the presence of fields and surfaces
FET-ENVIS - Extraction and synthesis of environmental information from multi-source data
FIND-STRUCTURE - Fast interpretation of nmr data for structural and functional analysis of proteins
FIREMAT - Development of new materials with improved fire resistance for firebreak systems
FISHNOSE - Development of an electronic nose system for the automated quality control of smoked fish
FLAGS - Foundational Aspects of Global Computing Systems
FLAMESEEK - Flame sensors for efficient gas turbine engine cycles (FLAMESEEK)
FLOWMART - Fast low wash maritime transportation (FLOWMART)
Fluctuations of active membranes near a wall
FORCE - Filled polymers production by a new one step process
Forcing relation for periodic orbits of graph-maps
FOURINONE - Four Agencies in One Strategic Cooperation
FPEC - Free piston energy converter (FPEC)
Fpga als bildverarbeitungs-coprozessor mit bilddatenkornprimierung im low-level-bereich und cmos-bildsensor zum einsatz in der: uberwachungstechnik
FRANCIS CLARET - Clay as a potential humic colloid source - implications for nuclear waste disposal
FRÉDÉRIC PLANCHON - Heavy metals in deep accreted ice from vostok, antartica: implications for the origin of the subglacial lake
FUNCLA - Conjugated linoleic acid (cla) in functional food: a potential benefit for overweight middle-aged europeans
FUNFACE - Test methods on wear resistance and long-term stability of furniture surfaces
FUSION TECHNOLOGY 1- - * Fusion technology 1-technology for net 2-blanket technology 3-long-term technology European blanket project (EBP)
FUSION TECHNOLOGY 1- - * Fusion technology 1-technology for net 2-blanket technology 3-long-term technology European blanket project (EBP)
FUSION TECHNOLOGY 1- - * Fusion technology 1-technology for net 2-blanket technology 3-long-term technology European blanket project (EBP)
GANIL - Ganil
GB8-V62 IRRADIATION - * Gb8-v62 irradiation creep testing of inconel 718. Gb8-t252 radiation tolerance assessment of standard systems for remote handling and process instrumentation gb6-t338 assessment of sensors and communication equipment under fast neu
GEMI - Governance, enlargement and media issues
GEMINI - Genetic determinism of maritime pine pulp and paper properties
Gender relations, citizenship and religion(s)
Gene expression in coronary atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction
GENE SILENCING - Improvement of transgene expression and gene silencing in transgenic plants
Generation and characterisation of attosecond pulses in strong laser-atom interactions: a step towards attophysics
GENESTREAM - GeneStream:Massive Genetic Data will become Critical Knowledge
Genetic control of neuron-glial fate switching in the embryonic neural tube
GENOMICS AND CELL CY - Comparative functional genomics of kinases involved in cell cycle and apoptosis
Geological identification of historical tsunamis: application in the corinth gulf, greece
GERMAN CONTRIBUTION - German contribution to ITER licensing working group
GHS AND AGING - An investigation of the mechanism of action of growth hormone secretagogues for improving body composition and quality of life in the aged
Global positioning system technology to fight frauds in the milk sector
GLOBDATA - An Efficient Software Tool For Global Data Access
GLORIA - Gnss & LOran-c in Road and raIl Applications
GOETEBORG YEAST CENT - Multidisciplinary training at goeteborg yeast centre
GOV - Dynamics and obstacles of european governance
GPR-SSD - Ground Probing Radar for Subsoil Service Detection
Green chemical process in supercritical water.
GREEN MOTHPROOFING - Development of a green mothproofing process for wool and fine animal fibres, carpets and upholstery
GREENFOAM - 100% biodegradable thermo insulating foam packaging for fastfood, ice and drinks
GROWBETA - Generation and functional characterization of neuroendocrine cells for cellular replacement therapy (GROWBETA)
G-STARS - On ground simulation by transient analysis of riveted structures
HANTAVIRUS VACCINE - Bivalent hantavirus vaccine for europe: different approaches and evaluation in animal models
HAPLOTYPE INFORMATIC - In silico haplotype visualisation and analysis - integrating genome biology and genetics
HARMEN PIETER DIJKST - Transmembrane signalling
HARMONICS - Hybrid Access Reconfigurable Multi-wavelength Optical Networks for IP-based Communication Services
HARPOS - Hearing-aids with rechargeable power supply
HARRIS ROBERT - Invertebrate discard viability and fitness in prawn trawl fisheries
HEALTHYBEEF - Enhancing the content of beneficial fatty acids in beef and improving meat quality for the consumer
HEPADNA - Development of assays for the detection and prediction of co- and anti-mutagenic constituents in food with cells of human origin
HERBICBIOREM - Strategies to accelerate the productive biodegradation of several herbicides under environmental stress condition.
HERNANDEZ MUNOZ MARI - Wheat gluten as biopolymer for the production of renewable and biodegradable materials.
HERRING BONES - Developing methods to tenderise bones in herring fillets
HIBECO - Human interactions with the mountain birch forest ecosystem: implications for sustainable development
High added value products ( marine phospholipids) for nutraceutical applications
High energy neutrino astrophysics with amanda/icecube at the south pole
High spin molecular oxides
Higher-order qcd corrections for hard-scattering cross sections
HIGH-GRAVITY STRESS - Stress-tolerant industrial yeast strains for high-gravity brewing
High-level research on 3-d image analysis and virtual reality applications
Highly ramified laplacian growth and dendritic solidification
High-redshift giant radio galaxies: beacons of large-scale structure evolution
HILLIOUFREDERIQUE - Isolation of regulatory genes of alkaloid biosynthesis in cataranthus roseus.
HIPSCAN - High quality secure and seamless document communication system
HIRETT - High reynolds number tools and techniques for civil transport aircraft design (HIRETT)
HISTO-CLEAN - Intelligent measurement technology for laser cleaning of historic buildings and monuments
HITUV - High temperature ultrasonic velocimetry (HITUV)
Hollow ceramic cores by slip casting
How folding is accommodated at minor scale? comparison between three types of folds.
HPLWR - High performance light water reactor
H-TECHSIGHT - A Knowledge management platform with Intelligence & Insight capabilities for Technology Intensive Industries
Human chromosome y in the context of complex disease traits
HUMAN(E) PYROGEN TES - Comparison and validation of novel pyrogen tests based on the human fever reaction
HVB2 - High voltage booster second phase (HVB2)
HYMNE - Hydrographic monitoring - neva bight
HYPODERMOSIS CONTROL - Livestock hypodermosis improvement of the control measures and diagnostic tools
ICIS - Intergrated eTraining and recruiting Community for IT Professionals and IT SMEs
ICYGMB-2003 - Yeast research workshops. in 21st international conference on yeast genetics and molecular biology, 2003 (ICYGMB-2003)
IDEALIST-5FP - Information Dissemination and European Awareness Launch for the IST Programme under the 5th Framework Programme
Identification of genes required by the rice blast pathogen magnaporthe grisea for proliferation in distinct plant tissues
Identification of pre-hematopoietic stem cells in the mouse aorta-gonads-mesonephros region
Identification of quorum-sensing associated vaccinal antigens in neisseria meningitidis
Identification of surface molecules involved in haemopoietic stem cell development.
IFCA - Immunoprobes for food contamination analysis
IFMIF ACCELERATOR OP - IFMIF accelerator optimisation and cost reduction
IFMIF TEST CELL AND - IFMIF test cell and accelerator optimisation and cost reduction
IHELP - Electronic Remote Assistance in the Operating Room
IIC-MATMOL - Integrated centre for advanced materials and molecular research of the institute of inorganic chemistry of slovak academy of sciences
IMAGETOX - Intelligent modelling algorithms for general evaluation of toxicities
IMALP - Implementation of sustainable agriculture and rural development in alpine mountains
IMCAD - Improving the cockpit application development process (IMCAD)
IMMAGENE - Interdisciplinary school on imaging, modelling and manipulating gene expression regulatory networks (IMMAGENE)
IMPACT - Integration of microwave performance into advanced CMOS technology
IMPRESS - Interactions between the marine environment, predators, and prey: Implications for sustainable sandeel fisheries
IMPROVE - Implementation of patient involvement instruments to improve general practice care for older people in europe
Improved aluminium based alloys for structural applications
Improving nutritional properties of foodproducts: development of novel technologies to yield fresh and processed products extracted from pomegranate fruits.
Improving the tools for the control of the small ruminant lentiviruses (srlv) in sheep and goat
In situ hybridisation studies on cyanobacteria in the environment
In vivo role of ralgds in ras-induced tumour formation
INCA - Integrated nitrogen model for european catchments
INCA - Interhemispheric differences in cirrus properties from anthropogenic emissions
Inco project cluster for water resource management in mediterranean countries
INFABIO - Effect of diet and lifestyle on risk of gastrointestinal infection and allergy in early lfe; consumer knowledge, attitudes and needs
Information optics: new tools and applications
Infrared heat sterilization of soil
INFRA-STAR - Improving railway infrastructure productivity by sustainable two-material rail development (INFRA-STAR)
Inline quality control system for industrial surface cleaning
Innovative multi-purpose thin-film uv-reactor
Innovative polyurethane moulding by microwaves
Innovative system for high quality cocoons production
Insect chemical ecology: integrated approach to defence strategies in herbivorous hymenoptera
INSPECTOR - Quality In The Statistical Information Life cycle: A Distributed System For Data Validation
INSPIRE - INfotainment management with SPeech interaction via REmote-microphones and telephone interfaces
INSTANT OLYMPIC - INfomobility Services for safeTy-critical Applications on land and sea based on the use of iNtegrated GNSS Terminals for needs of OLYMPIC cities
Instrumental mass spectrometry for biomacromolecules
Instrumentation for global ocean observatories
Integrated and automated manufacturing process for furniture industry
INTELLISCAF - Intelligent scaffolds for tissue engineering of bone, skin and cartilage
INTERACTION - Terahertz electronics: components and systems
Interactions between cortical areas in perception, attention and awereness of visual motion
Interdisciplinary integration in the fifth framework programme
Inter-disciplinary research and applications based on nuclear and atomic physics
Interfacial convection and phase change
INTERMAR - Intelligent supply chain management for the extended maritime enterprise
International conference on health research for development
International workshop on information systems for policy and technical support in fisheries and aquaculture
Interpretation and implementation of the new standard iso 17025 by national metrology institutes in europe
INTHITS - Integrity of high temperature steels
Intracellular membrane protein trafficking at the ultrastructural level
Investigating gene function in development using the model system drosophila
Investigation of sensory neuron mechanotransduction using genetic and cellular approaches
Investing in europe's human research potential
IRINA POPESCU - Assessment of the gas-bearing sediments in the north-western black sea
IRTMBA - Improved radiation transport modelling for borehole applications (IRTMBA)
ISLE - International Standards for Language Engineering
IST - MENTOR - Mentoring of IST-Multipliers in the NAS
IST@HOME - Delivering video-based IST services into European HOMEs
ISY2000 - Tenth international symposium on yeasts: the using power of yeasts in science and industry
ITER FEAT BOLTED POR - Iter feat bolted port flange design
ITER FEAT REMOTE MAI - ITER FEAT Remote maintenance. ITER Task agreement: TBD ITER Task: EU-TBD
ITER TASK AGREEMENT: - Follow-Up of the manufacturing methods for the toroidal field coil case and the required quality assurance ITER task agreement: N 11 TT 108 ITER Task: EU-T401
IWOP - Best Practice Pilot for the implantation of Integrated Internet Based Remote WOrking Places for Virtual Teams developing their work at SMEs
JOERG SCHWEIZER - Fail-safe control system for electric guided vehicles with short headways
JOSEP DARBA - The generalisability and transferability of economic evaluation studies
JUAN MANUEL BENITO H - Cyclic peptides as carbohydrates receptors
Junb degradation in mitosis
JUST - JUST-in-time health emergency interventions - Training of non-professionals by Virtual Reality and advanced IT tools
KISEIS - Key Interventions for Sustainable Employment in the Information Society for Disadvantaged Groups
KLAUSGODL - Assembly of the muc2 mucin
KLUMPP KATJA - Carbon sequestration in grasslands as affected by soil carbon turnover and management factors
KM FORUM - European Knowledge Management Forum
KNOWNOX - Development of continuous catalytic nox reduction for lean burn cars
KTAGS - Algebraic k-theory, linear algebraic groups and related structures
Labour law, industrial relations and social security
LAMINATES - Silicon nitride based laminar and functionally gradient ceramics for engineering application
Land-modification as a part of process of sustainable development in rural regions
LASIF - Large air-sea interaction facility
LASSOL - Lightweight amorphous silicon solar panels (LASSOL)
LATELLA LUCIA - Proliferation vs. differentiation: role of cell cycle regulators in the establishment and maintenance of terminal differentiation
LAYER TOOL - Rapid layer manufacturing of massive metal tools
LCDAYLIGHT - Liquid crystal techniques and daylight systems (LCDAYLIGHT)
LEAP - Lightweight Extensible Agent Platform
Legal framework of new governance and modern policy in education throughout europe
LENTIVIRAL VECTORS - Lentiviral vectors for gene therapy of the hematopoietic system: development from bench to bedside
LEONARDO - Linking Existing ON ground, ARrival and Departure Operations
LEVER - Leveraging Knowledge in the Software Industry
LIBERTIN - Light rail thematic network (LIBERTIN)
LIFE/TSL - The svedberg laboratory
LIFECON - Life-time prediction of high-performance concrete with respect to durability
LIFESTYLE - Managing change and innovation for a sustainable lifestyle
LIFETIME - Low in fuel and emissions two-stroke intelligent marine engine (LIFETIME)
LIMAS - Liquefaction around marine structures (LIMAS)
LINK3D - Linking Organisations Through a Secure Environment for Distributed Drug Discovery
LLINCWA - Loss lubrication in inland and coastal water activities
LLUIS BALLELL - Development of new chemical tools for functional proteomic analysis of carbohydrate binding proteins
LMTOOCHE - Characterisation of listeria monocytogenes to provide tools to predict biofilm formation during cheese making
LUCIOPERCA - Bio-economic feasibility of intensive culture of pike-perch
Macrophage function in the mouse brain during development
Macroscopic effects from molecular level motion-exploiting a synthetic "molecular motor"
Macrotermitinae and termitomyces symbionts: coevolution and population structure
MAGICSTER - Embodied Believable Agents
MAGMA - Prague centre of mathematical geophysics, meteorology, and their applications
MAIA - Monitoring the atlantic inflow toward the arctic
Manipulation and measurement at the nanometre and single molecule levels
MANTRA-EAST - Integrated strategies for the management of transboundary waters on the eastern european fringe - the pilot study of lake peipsi and its drainage basin (MANTRA-EAST)
MARCEL CLEMENS - The evolution of star formation in external galaxies
MARETOPE - Managing and Assessing Regulatory Evolution in local public Transport Operations in Europe
MARETOPE - Managing and Assessing Regulatory Evolution in local public Transport OPerations in Europe
MAROC - Molecular tools for assessing the bioremediation potential in organohalogen-contaminated sites
MASURIN - Management of sustainable revitalising urban industrial sites
Mathematical aspects of quantum chaos
MAURITZ ANDERSSON - Rydberg excitations in mesoscopic ensembles : dipole blockade and qubit manipulation
MEA-PPNCD - Machining and electronic packaging optimisation by applications of phase-pure nanocrystalline diamond
Mechanism of secretion of the bacteriocin enterocin p
MECHSYS - Centre of excellence for advanced mechanical systems - getting european dimension
MEDICATE - The control, identification and delivery of prescribed medication
MELODICT - Micromachined Electromechanical Devices for Integrated Wireless Communication Transceivers
MESH - Modelling Expressions and Shapes of Human heads
Metal labeled peptides for diagnostic imaging in cancer
METROLOGY 2001 - 10th international metrology congress (METROLOGY 2001)
MFBUNRR - Modelling fishermen's behaviour under new regulatory regimes
MF-SOFC - Scale up of a multi-functional solid oxide fuel cell to multi-tens of kilowatt levels ('MF-SOFC')
MICROBICIDES - Dabos as virucidal nnrtis to prevent mucosal hiv transmission.
MICROCAT - A microwave catalytic system for land transport vehicles (MICROCAT)
MICROCRM - Microbiological certified reference materials in support of eu water legislation, performance testing and laboratory quality control. feasibility pilot study.
Microelectronics research sites at the nmrc
MID-PROCEDURES - Uniform test procedures and test report formats for aspirant notified bodies under the measuring instruments directive (MID-PROCEDURES)
MIRROR - The organization and cognitive role of the mirror system (MIRROR)
Modelling and numerical investigation of the losses in the condensing flow through low pressure steam turbines
MODELLING OF EROSION - Modelling of erosion/re-deposition/co-deposition part 2: model development for prediction of erosion/re-deposition in tokamak
Models for performance and control of stochastic networks
MODSEP - Modern separation science for analytical radiochemistry
Molecular biotechnology - integration of education and research
Molecular genetics and epidemiology of cancer susceptibility
Molecular interactions between ethylene and gibberellic acid pathways in plants
Molecular-based transistor networks.
MOLSTRA - Rapid tooling for the production of small and medium series of light alloy die cast components: moulds by stratoconception
MOMENTUM - MOdels and siMulations for nEtwork plaNning and conTrol of UMts
MONITORING 1999 - Monitoring Fusion Programme 1999
Monitoring shifts in health sector policies in south asia
MOTION - MObile Teamwork Infrastructure for Organisations Network
MSCRB - European master of science course in radiation biology
MUCOSAL RNA VACCINE - Development of a novel replication-deficient mucosal rna vaccine protecting against respiratory viral disease of early childhood (MUCOSAL RNA VACCINE)
MULINO - Multi-sectoral, integrated and operational decision support system for sustainable use of water resources at the catchment scale (MULINO)
Multi-agent control: probabilistic reasoning, optimal coordination, stability analysis and controller design for intelligent hybrid systems
Multivariate analysis methods for preference data
MUSIC - Multicomponent strategy for imaging through a complex near-surface (MUSIC)
Mycosens - development of a test kit for the automated determination of mycotoxins in foodstuffs
MYCOTRAIN - Prevention and detection of fusarium mycotoxins in cereals
NANOCOAT - Nanostructured coatings via environmentally friendly deposition techniques for demanding tribological applications
NANOTCAD - Nanotechnology Computer Aided Design
Near-infrared sensor for internal quality evaluation of fruit and vegetables
NEON - Nanocrystals for electronic applications
NET-EULEP - Radiobiology Network for Radiation Protection (NET-EULEP)
Neural control of movement in health and disease
Neurophysiology of novel g-protein-coupled recptors in the mammalian cns.
New accurate batch anodising technology
New generation genetic markers and techniques for the epidemiology and control of tuberculosis
New materials for gas separation
New mixed method combining extraction by supercritical fluids and ultrafiltration by membranes for the regeneration of used lubricant oil wastes
NEW POWER SUPPLIES - New power supplies for the JET neutral beam enhancement
NEWTIRAL - High performance and competitive new titanium reinforced alloys for aeronautic applications
NICE - Natural Interactive Communication for Edutainment
NICMS - Research, development and demonstration of a novel non-invasive continence management system (NICMS)
Noise pollution health effects reduction
NOMAD - Autonomous manufacture of large steel fabrications
NOMAD - Novel Modelled Analogue Data for More Efficient Exploitation of Deepwater Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
Non-abelian duality and symmetry breaking in gauge theories
Non-commutative field theories as non-perturbative formulations of string theory
NOTIFICATION OF BASI - Fusion technology 1-technology for net 2-blanket technology 3-long-term technology European blanket project (EPB)
NOTIFICATION OF BASI - Fusion technology 1-technology for net 2-blanket technology 3-long-term technology European blanket project (EPB)
NOTIFICATION OF BASI - Fusion technology 1-technology for net 2-blanket technology 3-long-term technology European blanket project (EPB)
NOTIFICATION OF BASI - Fusion technology 1-technology for net 2-blanket technology 3-long-term technology European blanket project (EPB)
NOTIFICATION OF BASI - Fusion technology 1-technology for net 2-blanket technology 3-long-term technology European blanket project (EPB)
NOTIFICATION OF BASI - Fusion technology 1-technology for net 2-blanket technology 3-long-term technology European blanket project (EPB)
NOTIFICATION OF BASI - Notification of basic support for technology work am. 4
NOTIFICATION OF BASI - Notification of basic support for technology work amendment n° 15 13th meeting of the EFDA steering committee on 11/10/2001 (ref. Ta-tw2-g01) and 16th meeting of the EFDA steering committee on 11-12/4/2002
NOTIFICATION OF PREF - In situ investigations of the mechanical performance and lifetime of copper in a neutron environment
NOTIFICATION OF PREF - Magnets structure and integration tw1-tms/mmtfrd: improved manufacturing methods for TF coil cases and structures- NDT development tritium breeding & materials tw2-ttbc-004/d1: helium cooled lithium lead - process and components
NOTIFICATION OF PREF - Tritium breeding & materials tw3-ttma-001/d1: advanced materials: SICSIC ceramic composites: morhological characterization of sic/sic composite: fibres, interface, matrix and porosities tw3-ttmn-002/d4: nuclear data: benchmark experiments t
NOTIFICATION OF PREF - Vessel/in-vessel
NOTIFICATION OF PREF - Vessel/in-vessel ut2003-w: mechanical properties and microstructure of tungsten with high helium contents
NOTIFICATION PREFERE - Tritium breeding and materials irridiation performance of low activation materials irridiation performance of low activation Ti Alloys Dpa Neutron dosimetry
NOVACELL - Resource-efficient sulphur-free production of cellulose pulp
NOVAZOTE - New feed descriptors and diagnostic tests to optimise the use of protein supplements for dairy cows
NOVEL MICROSCOPY OF - Novel microscopy of individual organelles in living cells: mitochondria and chloroplasts
NTNV - Conference on "potential impact of new technologies on neonatal vaccination" (NTNV)
Numerical and experimental characterization of structure-borne sound transmission between highly damped plates.
OASIS - Old age and autonomy: the role of service systems and intergenerational solidarity
OIL-TECH - Development, characterisation and scaling of atomizers for a combustion technology that offers significant fuel savings and drastic reductions in both co2 and no emissions ('OIL-TECH')
OPET CAUCASUS - An Opet Associate for Caucasus Region
OPET ENERO - Opet Romania Enero - Member of the Opet Network
OPET FINLAND - Opet Finland 2000
OPET-CLEARING-HOUSE - Energy-Environmental Clearing House for Promoting the Update of Innovative Energy Technologies through Opet Network
OPET-PORTUGAL - Organisation for the Promotion of Energy Technologies in Portugal
Optical properties of nanoscale semiconductor structures
OPTIMAMM - Optical mammography: imaging and characterisation of breast lesions by pulsed near-infrared laser light
Optimisation of cotton fabric processing for a flame retardance finish
OPTIMISE - Optimisation of water use by plants in the mediterranean
OPTIMIST_I I - Bottom up innovation planning
OPTOMIZE - Architecture engineering in the tomato
OSTEODENT - The diagnostic validity of dental radiography techniques for identifying osteoporotic patients (OSTEODENT)
OWEE - Concerted Action on Offshore Wind Energy in Europe
P.L.U.S. - Research and development of a new plumb line universal automatic monitoring system
PALOMA - Progressive and adaptive learning for object manipulation: a biologically inspired multi-network architecture
PAOLA D'ALOJA - Role of hiv-1 protein in the processing of gag/env
PAPER RECYCLING - Recycling pilot plant facilities for advanced deinking, recycling and chemical treatments of recovered papers
PAPUSSA - Production in aquatic peri-urban systems in southeast asia
PARA-TB TRANSMISSION - The role of wildlife in the epidemiology of mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in domestic ruminants in europe (PARA-TB TRANSMISSION)
PARTICIPATION IN THE - Participation in the experimental campaigns task force S1, S2, E, M and D.
Particle physics at present and future colliders
PARTNEW - Partitioning: new solvent extraction processes for minor actinides
PAST - exPeriencing Archaeology across Space and Time
PDT-COIL - Research and development of an intelligent power and data transmission composite coiled tubing for the exploration of hydrocarbons (PDT-COIL)
Pedagogical and educational research information network for europe
PEMFC - Proton exhange menbrane fuel cell-sulfonated polysulfones-
PEPTIDEX - Development of a pathogen epitope prediction program, and evaluation of its usefulness in designing fish vaccines (PEPTIDEX)
PERSEP - Inorganic membranes for pervaporation: proof of concept (PERSEP)
Phage display technology in the production of diagnostic antibodies
PHAN NGOC VINH - Decision support system for ecosystem upgrading and flood control of a sustainable development in the red river system (china, vietnam) pilot phase
PHARMDIS-E+ - Pharmacokinetic & Pharmacodynamic Drug Information and Dosage Adjustment System
Phenomenology of dilepton and charm production in heavy ion collisions
PHOTAGE - Photoreceptor dynamics in age-related macular degeneration. consequences for early diagnosis (PHOTAGE)
PHYNECS - Nonequilibrium physics from complex fluids to biological systems
Physically-based distributed catchment modelling for water quality management in relation to the water framework directive
PICAUD SARAH - Structural and mechanistic basis for product selectivity in plant sesquiterpene synthases
PIP SCORE - Product Innovation Profile Score
PIROVANO ADELE - Genetic predictors of antidepressants response
PLANT GEMS - Plant genomics european meetings
PLANT SAFETY ASSESSM - Plant safety assessment - failure mode and effort analysis
PLASCAST - Advancement of plaster moulding to reduce cost and raise productivity for light alloy and copper based castings.
Plasma spectroscopy of free radicals, ions and transient molecules
PLENARYEMRS - Plenary session for the european materials research society fall meeting 2002
PLUME - Planning and urban mobility in europe
PLYWOOD - Calibration and testing for the evaluation of plywood glue bond performance in accordance with en 314-1 and en 314-2
Polarization and conflict
POP - Performance Portability of OpenMP
PORCINE CIRCOVIRUSES - Novel circovirus infections of pigs: a target for vaccination. porcine circoviruses
PPIDS - Molecular techniques for characterising plant varieties and plant pathogen populations
PRATS PEREZ ELENA - The basis of inaccessibility induced in cereal epidermal cells
Predicting european seasonal weather
PREHEAT - Novel methods for predicting preventing and treating attacks in patients with hereditary angioedema ((PREHEAT))
PRESAP - Towards pratical, real-time estimation of spatial aftershock probabilities: a feasibility study in earthquake hazard
PRINT - Printed circuit boards with high solderability tin coating for lead-free soldering
PRISMA - Providing Innovative Service Models and Assessment
Production of potable fresh water from the sea, using small mechanical recompression vapour unit, coupled with a new compact plastic evaporator
PROJECT DESIGN ACTIV - Project design activities jw2-ta-ep-tae-01
Promotion of pollution control and energy saving by use of hybrid power systems
Promotion of publication in comparative labour law and the social security
PROTEAS PS SYSTEM - Triple hybride concentrating pv system fot the co-generation of electricity, heat and cooling power
PROTEASE SUBSTRATES - Molecular evolution of protease substrates involved in carcinogenesis by in vivo selection of retroviral display libraries
Protection of avocado against fungal root pathogens by bacterial control
PROTEIN FOLDING FRAG - Towards a unified theory of protein structural fragments and their application for protein engineering and misfolding related diseases (protein folding fragments)
PROTRANS - Role of Third Party Logistics Service Providers and their Impact on Transport
PSIM - Participative Simulation environment for Integral Manufacturing enterprise renewal
PULMINFECT - Differential diagnosis of infectious lung diseases (PULMINFECT)
PULSE - The public understanding of life sciences
QUOBI - Quantitative understanding of ozone losses by bipolar investigations
RAD PROT FUNDAMENTAL - Development of fundamental data and recommendations for radiological protection
RADARNET - Multifunctional Automotive Radar Network
Radiative levitation and stellar evolution
RAPID - Reduction of agricultural and rural pollution by innovative additives
RBMIA - River basin management in highly industrialised areas
REBASDO - Reliability based structural design of fpso systems (REBASDO)
RECHROME - The recovery and recycling of cr(vi) from dilute waste streams
Redox regulation of protein folding and degradation in the endoplasmic reticulum.
Reduce discolouration of high value joinery hardwoods by improved handling and drying techniques
Regional initiative for improvement of quality of life through research, education, and innovation in molecular cell biology
REGNET - Cultural Heritage in Regional Networks
REGWET - Regional aspects of the sustainable management of wetland resources
Relative importance of different enterotoxins in Bacillus cereus food poisoning
RELAX - Remote LAboratory eXperimentation trial
Reliable strong and weak approximations of stochastic delay differential equations
RENOMEM - Recycling chemicals, energy and water from aggressive waste streams with novel modified nanofiltration (nf) membranes (renomem)
REOST - Railway Electro Optical System for Safe Transportation
Research and development of a chute extractor device for light aircraft
Research and development of a paste recycle technology suited for the textile rotary printing industry.
Research into self test and analysis for vitamin deficiency in humans and animals
Resin transfer moulding of thin-walled carbon fibre reinforced plastic structures for medical and aerospace applications
RESROBS - Resistance of spruce to root and butt rot disease
RETINE - Retine - direct ccam - no proposal
RETROGRADE SIGNALING - Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuronal retrograde signaling (RETROGRADE SIGNALING)
REVEAL - Remote Measurement of Vehicle Emissions at Low Cost
RISESI - The Regional Impact of the Information Society on Employment and Integration
ROBOT INSPECTOR - Development of a robotic system for the inspection of large steel/aluminium plates in industrial plants.
RODRIGO-DE-LOSADA,JO - Genome-scale virtual screening of g-protein coupled receptors
Role of Homers in trafficking and localisation of glutamatergic receptors
Role of ig-beta signalling function in late b cell development.
ROLLING STOCK - Supply chain visibility by dynamic consolidation of ROLLING STOCK information
ROROPROB - Probabilistic rules-based optimal design of ro-ro passenger ships
RUETTE SYLVIE - Topological dynamics in one-dimensional spaces
RURB-ASIE - Agricultural dynamics in areas under urban influence in south-east asia (vietnam, cambodia) : competition over resources and creation of new markets around secondary cities
S.M.A.L.L. - Representation and voice in small and midium enterprises : monitoring actors, labour organisations and legal frameworks
SAFE TUNNEL - Innovative systems and frameworks for enhancing of traffic safety in road tunnels
SAFE-PC - Dependability enhanced distributed System And software architecture with commercial PCs for use in saFEty-related applications
SAFESTUN - Review of current stunning methods for cattle and sheep that avoid the risk of dissemination of brain particles into the blood and carcass, and maintain good welfare and operator safety (SAFESTUN)
SAFEWAY - Safety improvement of vehicle passengers through innovative on-road "bio-mechanics" safety features
SAFFRON - Saffron adulteration by colour additives: developing an antifraud methodology
SAIGUP - Sensitivity analysis of the impact of geological uncertainties on production forecasting in clastic hydrocarbon reservoirs (SAIGUP)
SANDWICH - Advanced composite sandwich steel structures (SANDWICH)
Scanning electron microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy characterization of semiconductors
Scattering of rydberg electrons from vibrationally excited diatomic molecules
Scientific secretariat 2000 for cost action f3 entitled "structural dynamics" from 1st january 2000 to 31 december 2000
SCOOP - Sophisticated Co-operation in Dynamic SME Networks Based on Co-operative Planning and Control
SDMBS - Sustainable development of the Mediterranean & black sea environment
SEA.TRANS - Southeast asia in transition. social transitions, environmental impacts and policies for sustainable development
SEAM - Assessing concepts, systems and tools for a Safer, Efficient and environmentally Aware and friendly Maritime transport
SEASURF - A novel surfactant from safe and sustainable exploitation of seaweed (SEASURF)
SEED - South Eastern European Digital Economy
SEEDCOAT - A new natural seed coating based on chitosan
SEEN - Sino-European Energy Network
Self-assembly at surfaces for nanotechnology
Self-organization, complexity and morphological transitions in growing colonies of fungi
SEMOPS (DEMO) - Secure Mobile Payment Service
SEN-IST-NET - European Network of Excellence in Information Society Technologies for Special Educational Needs
Sensors for monitoring water pollution from contaminated land, landfills and sediments
SENTANDREU M. A. - Elisa tests for proteases and proteases inhibitors quantification in muscle and meat: developement of a kit for cathepsins b and l quantification and its transfert to meat industry.
SEQUIN - SErvice QUality across Independently managed Networks
Serial analysis of involved in tolerance gene expression in tcr transgenic mice t cells
Sewerage inspection using radar-technology
SGIM - 2001 - Development of two new measurement and inspection methods to improve the quality and maintainability of large concrete structures (SGIM - 2001)
SHAPE - SHAPE - Situating Hybrid Assemblies in Public Environments
SIBER - Side impact dummy biomechanics and experimental research
SILVER EEL - Management of silver eel: Human impact on downstream migrating silver eel in the river Meuse
SIMPLIFIED SHUTDOWN - Contributions to simplified shutdown dose rate analysis and breeding blanket for ITER-feat
Simulation of self-structuring phenomena in dusty plasmas
Simultaneous imaging of multiple protein interactions in cells
SINGOCOM - Social innovation, governance and community building
SIP - Self Installing Platform
SIREN - Scenarios for integration of renewables in a european cities network (SIREN)
SISCAL - Satellite-based Information System on Coastal Areas and Lakes
SLRV-C - Improving the tools for the control of the small ruminant lentivirus (srlv) in sheep and goat
SMART - Society moves with advanced research and technology
SMART SME - Smart Forms of Collaboration among Inter-Networked Manufacturing SMEs
SMART WIN II - New liquid crystal smart window and its production process (SMART WIN II)
SMART2EAM - Knowledge Management for Smart Technology Transfer Enterprises Advanced ExperiMent
SMARTER - Support Activities in the field of hoMe enviRonmEnTs
SME AWARD - GPS based methodology for the implantation of high precision cartography
SMS RESEARCH - "spatial orientation: sensorimotor system research in humans and animals"
SN-TB DIAGNOSIS - A system approach to optimising diagnosis of smear-negative tuberculosis in high and low prevalence countries of south-america
Socioeconomic determinants of healthy aging: from description to explanation
SOCOSE - Social convoy and sustainable employability: innovative strategies of outplacement / replacement counselling
SODETEL - SOftware DEvelopment improvement for TELecommunication applications using component-based & quality assurance methodologies
SOLAR TRES - Molten Salt Solar Thermal Power 15mwe Demonstration Plant (target Action "c")
SOLGATE - Solar hybrid gas turbine electric power system (SOLGATE)
SOLICE - Solar influences on climate and the environment
SOSS - Smart organisation for small services
SOUTOGLOU EVI EVANTH - The dynamics of assembly of the taf-containing complexes in the nuclear environment
SPAEPID - Epidemiological and transmission studies in sheep and moufflons naturally infected by jaagsiekte retrovirus, the causative agent of sheep pulmonary adenomatosis (SPAEPID)
Spatial and temporal correlation of signals in t lymphocyte activation
Spatial distribution of the intergalactic medium from qso absorption spectra
Spectroscipy within the shape isomeric second minimum of actinide nuclei
Spin crossover phenomenon under high pressure
SPINOSA - Spin polarized injection in nanostructures and devices
SPOREBIOTICS - Spore probiotics: an alternative to antibiotics in animal husbandry
SPRAYCAM - Low-cost ccd camera for on-line powder-jet monitoring and coating quality control in thermal spraying (SPRAYCAM)
SPREAD - Strategy to control spread of hiv drug resistance (SPREAD)
SPRING - Scientific MultidisciPlinaRy Network for meterING
SR FOR BIOLOGISTS IN - Aceuropean molecular biology laboratory, grenoble outstation
STATISTICAL INDICATO - Project on design and collection of 'statistical indicators on women in science'
STATISTICS FOR PHARM - Development of statistical strategies and tools applicable to pharmacogenetics.
STEM CELLS FOR REPAI - Engineering neural precursors for myelin repair
Stochastic partial differential equations with reflection and applications
STRAWGAS - Straw gasification for co-combustion in large chp plants ('STRAWGAS')
STREAM - Stress minimization on deep sub-micron CMOS processes, measured by a high spatial resolution technique, and its application to 0.15 micron non volatile memories
STRESSIMAGING - Diagnosis and analysis of plant stress using thermal and other imaging techniques
STROKEGENE - Gene search towards the identification of novel therapeutic strategies against brain ischemia
Study of the black sea's ecosystem : development of a 3d coupled ecosystem-hydrodynamical model
Superstring theory and cosmology
Support for a scientific secretariat in the frame of cost action g6 on "digital audio effects" to be prepared in marseille/france in 2000-2001
Support for a workshop (msc) entitled "entomopathogenic nematode bacterial complexes-current achievements and prospects for the future" in the frame of cost action 819 to be held from 13 to 15 april 2000
Support for a workshop in the frame of cost action 919 entitled "melanoidins in food and health" to be held from 7 to 8 april 2000
Support for a workshop in the frame of cost action g1 entitled "ion beam analysis as a tool of art history" to be held on 17 march 2000
Support for short term scientific missions (stsm) on "innovative methods and techniques for chemical transformations" in the frame of cost action d10-exercice 2000
Support for short term scientific missions (stsm) on "ion beam analysis applied in art and archaelogy" in the frame of cost action g1-exercice 2000
Support for short term scientific missions (stsm) on "metachem" in the frame of cost action d23-exercice 2000
Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "innovative methods and techniques for chemical transformations: ehprg meeting 2000" to be held from 31 august to 3 september 2000 at kloster banz/germany in the frame of cost action d10
Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "performance, impacts and innovations in wood protection" held from 2 to 5 july 2000 in gozd martuljek/slovenia in the frame of cost action e22
Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "sustainability of chestnut, genetic resources and silviculture" held from 18 to 22 october 2000 in vila real/portugal in the frame of cost action g4
Support of short term scientific missions (stsm) on "biotechnology of soil" in the frame of cost action 831-exercice 2000
Support of short term scientific missions (stsm) on "supramolecular chemistry" in the frame of cost action d11-exercice 2000
SUPPORT TO ITER DIAG - Support to ITER diagnostic design
SUPPORT TO ITER ICRF - Support to the ITER ICRF system physics and engineering design: electrical design of an ICRF array for ITER-feat
SUPPORT TO REMOTE PA - Support to remote participation in EFDA
Survey of thatched roofs and analysis of thatching materials. establish criteria for long-lasting thatch.
SURVIVAL STRATEGIES - Rural survival strategies in central-eastern europe as a design base for sustainable agriculture
SUTRA - Sustainable urban transportation
SVEN - Sound quality of exterior vehicle noise (SVEN)
SWEET - Silicon wafer equivalents based on crystalline silicon thin-film solar cells grown epitaxially on low cost silicon substrates (SWEET)
SWURVE - Sustainable water uncertainty, risk and vulnerability in europe (SWURVE)
SYLOC-DEXA - System level optimisation and control tools for diesel exhaust aftertreatment
Symbolic and social fields. the international reception of pierre bourdieu's work
Synthesis, characterization and properties of mono-and bimetallic platinum complexes with functionalised oxazoline ligands
SYPREDEM - Synergy between practitioner's needs, research orientations, and decision making on the usage of ict in primary and secondary education (SYPREDEM)
SYSTEST - Developing methodology for advanced systems testing
TACCDA - Trees, agroforestry and climate change in dryland africa
TANG ALICE - Detection of algal toxins using piezoelectric crystal biosensor
Targetting breast cancer motility by disrupting the pkc-erm signalling complex
Tat secretion pathway - new perspectives for heterologous protein production in Streptomyces
TCOS SIBERIA - Terrestrial carbon observing system - siberia
TECH-TIR - Development of technologies for smes aiming at applying thermal infrared devices for detection and imaging.
TELECARE - Patient TELEmonitoring, using Ultra Low Discomfort Vital Signs Sensors over Mobile Networks for Interactive Continous CARE
Télévisions transfrontières arabes et libéralisation de l'information: une ouverture politique?
TENIA - The emergence of new industrial activities: fusing services and manufacture
TEXTERM - Textile extended enterprise resource management system (TEXTERM)
The cap reform, set-aside and the arable crops sector in italy: an integrated evaluation approach
The cathie marsh centre for census and survey research
The development of specialist leathers for the restoration of upholstery on antique furniture and in transport collections
The impact of esdi on the eu: challenges and prospects
The investigation of dynamic effects in silos with inserts and constitutive modelling
The mobility of pyroclastic flows.
The provenance of dust in polar snow and ice
The role of beta-catenin in the development of the nervous system
The role of glutamate transporters in controlling properties of synapse
The role of zat-related metal transporters in heavy metal tolerance and hyperaccumulation.
The structure of neurotensin explored by solid-state nmr.
The surface as a catalyst/barrier to chemical and physical processes
Theoretical aspects of lattice chiral gauge theories
Theoretical studies of highly correlated transition metal oxides.
THERMAL FATIQUE TEST - Thermal fatigue test of primary first wall panels
Thermal scattering theory
THESEUS - Technical development of open, economic and friendly system for the injection moulding process control
Third international conference on familial mediterranean fever (fmf) and fmf like syndromes
TIGRA - Transmitter integration of next generation TETRA systems for PMR and public safety applications in a CMOS-based SiGe technology
Time - and energy - resolved photodissociation dynamics of molecules
TIMO PULLI - Defining the difference between complex protein populations.
T-LEARNING - t-learning ? a study into TV-based interactive learning to the home
TN ON MONITORING - Thematic network on the role of monitoring in a phased approach to disposal
TND - Thematic network on decommissioning of nuclear installations
TOOLS-LIFE - New methodology of metallurgic control of tools, parts and equipment with high in-service loads in order to guarantee their lifetime
TOOLSUST - The involvement of stakeholders to develop and implement tools for sustainable households in the city of tomorrow (TOOLSUST)
TOSCA - Tableau d'Observation Sociale des Centres d'Appel (Social Observation Table of Call Centres)
TOSCA - Tele-Ophthalmological Services - Citizen-centred Applications (TOSCA)
Towards immunotherapy for virus associated malignancies
Towards the european society - challenges for education and training policies arising from the european integration and enlargement
Towards the learning economy - conclusions from 4. and 5. fpr projects to shape european policies in education and training
TRAINER - System for driver Training and Assessment using Interactive Evaluation tools and Reliable methodologies
Training site in fungal biology
TRAINIT - Training In Information Technologies
TRANSBAC - Gene flow from transgenic plants: evaluation and biotechnology
TRANSIENT NMR - Nmr tools for the study of transient intermediates in biomolecular processes
TRANSPORTATION OF IR - Transportation of irradiated test specimens
TRANS-TALK - Thematic Network on Policy and Project Evaluation Methodologies
TRIANGLE - Proof of concept for a simple, workable and manageable interoperable solution for door-to-door travel based on chip-card
TRIANTAFYLLIA LINA P - For the reconciliation between the national constitutions and the european constitutional order : the case of greece
Trilobite eye structure and its development: a morphological approach.
TRUST - Transparently Reconfigurable UbiquitouS Terminal
TUF - Tuneable filters based on dielectric resonators
ULTRABRIGHT - Reliable Ultra-Bright Laser Diode Sources for Terabit Telecommunications and Photodynamic Therapy Applications
UNCERT-AM - Dissemination of the uncert codes of practice and uncertainty in mechanical testing (UNCERT-AM)
URBAN-EXPOSURE - Integrated exposure management tool characterizing air pollution-relevant human exposure in urban environment
Using mathematical modelling and computer simulation to improve cancer therapy
UVPINE - Enhancing the appearance and durability of softwood furniture using uv light: accelerating pine coloration.
UWA - Ubiquitous Web Applications
Vacuum forming as low-cost production method for high-quality products
VALIBAT - Recycling of primary and secondary lithium batteries (VALIBAT)
VAN LINDEN , ANNEMIE - Genetic analysis of t lymphocyte activation/apoptosis in autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome.
V-CHAIN - Virtual enterprise for supply chain management
VDA - Virtual Destination Application - Trial
VERLIFE - Unified procedure for lifetime assessment of components and piping in VVER NPPS
VHTP IN SUPPORT OF A - VHTP in support of the analysis of plasma scenarios and control. This activity is undertaken by Mr. M. Cavinato under the visiting home team personnel scheme
VHTP IN SUPPORT OF T - "VHTP in Support of the Analysis of Plasma Scenarios and Control". This activity is undertaken by Mr M. Cavinato under the Visiting Home Team Personnel Scheme
VINCENT BERINGUE - News approaches for rapidly screening reagents with therapeutic and diagnostic potential in prion disease
VI-RM - The european virtual institute for reference materials
VIRTUAL - Virtual Archive and Library for Cathedrals
VIRTUAL FC POWER PLA - System-development, Build, Field Installation and European Demonstration of a Virtual Fuel Cell Power Plant, Consisting of Residential Micro-chps
VISICADE - VIrtual SImulation environment for a seamless integration of CAD/CAE into VR
VISIONS - Virtual Studio for Digital Storytelling
VITAGE - Fat-soluble vitamin status and metabolism during ageing: functional and nutritional consequences
VLEEM - Very long term energy environment model (VLEEM)
VRIMOR - Virtual reality for inspection, maintenance, operation, and repair of nuclear power plant
WAFT - Increasing productivity and quality of west african teak plantations using genetic diversity and sustainable management
WAMODAT - Advanced monitoring station trial for WAter MOnitoring and DATa acquisition in water supply and waste water treatment
WATER - Water technology for middle east region
WAVELAB II - Wave flume canal de investigacion y experimentacion maritima ii
WECOF - Strategies of weed control in organic farming
WETO 2030 - Poles world energy / technology outlook to 2030 (WETO 2030)
WG-ALPINE - Active Loss Prevention for ICT-enabled Enterprise Working Group
WINDENG - Wind energy assessment and wind engineering
WINE-OCHRA RISK - Risk assessment and integrated ochratoxin a (ota) management in grape and wine
WOOD-EN-MAN - Wood for energy- a contribution to the development of sustainable forest management.
Workshop "solubility phenomena - applications for environmental". july 2002, varna, bulgaria
XET - Determinants of the tranglycosylating versus hydrolytic activity in xyloglucan endotransglycosylases (XET)
XPLORE - High resolution x-ray detector system for food quality control
Youth, difference and the future labour market in berlin
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