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Advanced Design Tools for Safety Critical Systems

Start: 7/1/2002
End: 6/30/2004

Project Status History
SafeAir II will secure the leading edge ASDE (Avionics System Development Environment) tool set and its associated methodology developed in the IST SafeAir 1999-10913 project, while including relevant improved functionalities for end users and demonstrating dramatic cost effectiveness. Beyond SafeAir results, SafeAir II will result in a complete and coherent methodology and development framework to be customised in each industrial company involved in the embedded systems development, to be able to demonstrate the Y life-cycle in secure conditions. The tool kit adoption process will include an evaluation metrics definition as well as its qualification process. The project focuses on the European transport industry as a major domain for embedded systems with exploitation potential in a wide range of European industries with similar challenges. Objectives: SafeAir II is aimed to foster the future adoption of the ASDE methodology in actual real size industrial applications while securing the overall tool set implementation. SafeAir II defines the adaptation process of industrial ASDE exploitation. A methodology for the adaptation process will support the ASDE technology adoption. The connection to industry-standard requirements traceability tools will allow a better integration in the users context, and the automatic test generation will allow subsequent savings in the long run. Modifying the process step by step (from the classical V cycle to the Enhanced Y Cycle) and controlling the result with the preceding step is a major objective of the project. The major reduction in the development effort has to come from a severe cut down of the integration, verification and validation endeavor. Work description: SafeAir II will define and promote an adaptation process that will exploit the ASDE results for extensive usage in safety critical projects. This process will enable a smooth transfer from currently used development methods to the ASDE methodology inside a qualification framework. Pilot projects trials will serve as justification for the verification activity reduction strategy. ASDE provides a complete environment that combines the described development activities in a seamless and convenient process. It is associated with an Implementation Process Methodology (IPM) developed in the SafeAir project that establishes the usage of the ASDE during the development cycle phases. SafeAir II will result in a process for the IPM and tool kit adoption. The different user companies will try this adoption process on pilot projects that will be performed in parallel to (or after) real-life programs, and will be evaluated and measured in comparison to them. The real simulation, integration, test, verification and validation environments will be used for the parallel pilot project trials. The process will be modify step by step (from the classical V to the Enhanced Y Cycle) while controlling the results. The major reduction in the development effort has to come from a severe cut down of the integration, verification and validation endeavour. The project includes skilled teams from users companies in avionics and automotive domains (Snecma Moteurs, IAI, EADS-AMM and Renault) with complementary applications covering the entire development from system and subsystem specification to safe software implementation. TNI is the key tool provider of Model Build as ASDE integrator while the other SafeAir tool vendors are already positioned in commercial offerings. The key technology providers are CNRS-UJF for automatic test generation, OFFIS for user-friendly formal verification and Weizmann Institute for enhanced code validation capability. Milestones: The milestones are planned every 6 months with two major versions of the SafeAir tool set ASDE (Avionics System Development Environment) delivered months 12 and 18. Results: validated, integrated ASDE for system and software development including: - rigorous verification of critical properties and integration; - automatic code validation; - evaluation metrics definition; - Pilot Project formal metrics; - assimilation and training package.

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