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The Centre for Integrated Structural Biology

Acronym: CISB
Start: 3/5/2004
End: 3/4/2008

Project Status History
unknown 3/5/2004
 Funding Programmes
INFRASTR-5 Construction of new infrastructures: optimising of European infrastructures by providing limited support in duly justified cases, alongside with other funding agencies Specific Support Action 1730000euro

Post-genomic structural biology can advance understanding of biological systems by exploiting genomic data, making use of high-throughput methods, integrating techniques across structural scales and closely integrating with functional studies. Based on these principles, a new infrastructure, the Centre for Integrated Structural Biology (CISB) will combine resources of three leading international institutes, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility and the Institut Laue-Langevin together with the Universit Joseph Fourier, Grenoble representing both the French Institut de Biologie Structural and the Institut de Virologie Molculaire et Structurale. The CISB will be unique in Europe in combining on the same Grenoble site:- state-of-the-art European facilities for synchrotron X-ray and neutron macromolecular crystallography and small angle scattering,- expertise in automation, instrumentation and methods development for structural biology,- complementary structural biology techniques such as NMR, electron microscopy, molecular biology and biochemistry,- strong structure-orientated research projects in a broad range of molecular and cell biology and with an increasing focus on human health, particularly virology,- numerous links to the European scientific and industrial community through European networks of excellence, research collaborations, provision of user facilities and training.A new CISB laboratory complex will be built for scientists from all partners. New technical platforms will be established for high throughput protein expression and crystallisation, protein sample quality control, in vivo isotope labelling, high-throughput X-ray crystallographic data collection, neutron crystallography and electron microscopy. The CISB will stimulate multidisciplinary research in structural biology both locally and Europe wide, thus representing an important integrative step in structuring the European research.

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