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Safe abandoning of ships, Improvement of current Life Saving Appliances Systems (SAFECRAFTS)

Start: 2/1/2004
End: 1/31/2008

Project Status History
unknown 2/1/2004
 Funding Programmes
SUSTDEV-2002- Designing user-friendly driver interfaces Specific Targeted Research Project 2850000euro

Issue Provide safety improvement of the evacuation system in terms of passenger/crew survivability by conceptual improvements of current lifesaving appliances (LSA). A tendency to develop passenger vessels carrying more than 5000 passengers can be seen. A major calamity, such as flooding or fire, would have catastrophic consequences. Special focus should be given to means of rescue. Little scientific evidence is available on the effectiveness of Lass in realistic conditions. No technical evidence seems to be available on the performance of the rescue system, i.e. hardware and procedures/management. Analysing the rescue process as a whole and considering non-conventional measures, might increase the effectiveness of safety investments and save space on board. Moreover, the success rate will improve dramatically. Model scale and full scale tests of novel rescue system concepts under extreme weather conditions, will be required, a full scale test prototype will be developed in order to obtain evacuation success rates. Objective: How to improve current Slashes project is emphasising on the rescue process by both quantifying the performance of the Lass and improving the concept of reaching the rescue vessel in a safe and reliable manner. The challenge is to exploit a first principles approach (regarding hydromechanics, mechanics, human behaviour, quantitative risk assessment and emergency management) in the design of rescue systems for passengers and crew, addressing both hardware and procedures/management. Aim must be to prove attained safety levels acceptable to the EC. Stated safety levels must be supported by sound scientific evidence. In this respect physical model tests and full-scale tests will play a decisive role. Benefits Safety improvement and acceptance of rescue systems by the International Maritime Society. A more efficient use of investments with respect to rescue systems, as well as a reduction of required space on board for LSA.

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