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Secure Propulsion using Advanced Redundant Control

Acronym: SPARC
Start: 12/24/2003
End: 12/31/2006

Project Status History
unknown 12/24/2003
 Funding Programmes
IST-2002- eSafety of road and air transports Specific Targeted Research Project 6500000euro

The goal of SPARC is to substantially improve traffic safety and efficiency for heavy goods vehicles using intelligent x-by-wire technologies in the powertrain. To prove this standardised concept a SW/HW platform will be developed that is scalable down to small passenger cars (sPC) and be integrated therein. Natural motion is described by a vector (direction and velocity). The driver creates the desired motion vector, while being supported by an exchangeable HMI. Additionally a safety assistance and evaluation system (based on an interactive display information system using satellite navigation systems (GPS) and a smart camera to inspect the environment) creates another motion vector in parallel (the redundant vector). Both vectors are input to the Safety Decision Control System (DCS). The DCS will run on a central redundant cabin-ECU. The DCS will avoid accidents by compensating for driver failure probability (driver incapacity, dead man state) by generating a secure motion vector based on a comparison of both vectors. This secure vector will be passed onto the extended X-by-Wire powertrain.The switch from reactive active safety to preventive active safety created by the SPARC- vehicles will constitute a breakthrough in road safety technology by pursuing the following main technical objectives:- Development of an accident-avoiding vehicle using a DCS, which compensates driver failure probability (driver incapacity, dead man state, etc.).-Extend concept of heavy goods vehicle to full tractor-trailer combination.-Describe and validate clear SW/HW-interfaces for automotive redundant control systems to combine results from PReVENT, AIDE and PEIT.-Validate the scalability of the concept by transferring it from heavy-duty trucks to small passenger cars. Two validator vehicles will be built up.-Describe a harmonised homologation path for scalable SPARC safety system.-Ensure European technology leadership for intext truncated for the purposes of the ESR.

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