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Embedded MAgnetic Components

Acronym: EMAC

Project Status History
unknown 7/5/2005
 Funding Programmes
CORDIS Specific Targeted Research Project2269882 

MRAM is the candidate of choice for the universal semiconductor memory, offering low power consumption, high speed, high density and permanent storage. The current state of the art is based on Back-End Module (BEM), where the MRAM module is inserted at the end of the process, using multiple layers onto a CMOS substrate. But this technology presents some drawbacks that limit its possibilities, its market penetration and its implementation in nano-scaledevices. EMAC project will introduce a decisive breakthrough in MRAM technologies by exploring a non conventional technological approach using a Front End Magnetic Module (FEM) integrated at the CMOS level. The challenge in FEM approach is the integration of magnetic material within an industrial front-end process. The purpose of the project is therefore to investigate enabling technologies for the manufacture of advanced CMOS devices using front-end embedded magnetic materials, from 0.25µm 4kbits memory prototype towards sub-90nm technologies. The EMAC consortium gathers a high transnational network of 9 industrial partners, institutes and universities located in 4 member states that will joint their expertise to work at the frontier of the knowledge. The overall tasks of the project can be roughly divided into three groups. The first group concerns the technological problems: EMAC will explore different methods of oxide and ferromagnetic metal deposition and the subsequent cleaning of wafers after deposition of ferromagnetic metals. The second group of concerns the characterization of fabricated layers and stacks: the routine characterization of fabricated layers and structures will be carried out in each laboratory. The third group of tasks covers the problems of process flow definition, layout, design and test of device: The layout and design tasks, work on silicon processing and pre-patterned wafers with trenches for growth of FEM magnetic module, final metallization and interconnections.

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