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Ambient Assisted Living - Preparation of an Art. 169-initiative

Acronym: AAL

Project Status History
unknown 8/23/2004
 Funding Programmes

The objective of the specific support action "Ambient assisted living" is to prepare an Art. 169 initiative in the field of "Small and smart technologies for ambient assisted living" to be submitted by the end of the year 2005. Ambient Assisted Living as a concept aims at prolongating the time, people can live in a decent way in their own flat by increasing their autonomy and self-confidence, the discharge of monotonously everyday activities, to monitor and care for the elderly or ill person, to enhance the security and to save resources. The Article 169-initiative in the field of "Small and smart technologies for ambient assisted living" undertaken jointly by several Member states will tackle the major challenges Europe has to face:1. It will stimulate the development of products and services for societies being characterised by demographic changes 2. It will improve policy co-ordination in a field where the innovation process has to be accompanied and stimulated by public authorities because of its social dimension.According to the philosophy of Art. 169 it is necessary to combine an European and national perspective and not only to work on the European or the national level. On the one hand the issue of an "ageing population" concerns all EU member states in equal measure. The European dimension allows to create a critical mass and to create synergies. Costs can be saved by a better cross-linking of national initiatives and activities. On the other hand social security systems are highly fragmented in Europe and cultures (e.g. acceptance of new products by elderly people) in the European countries still differ very much. This requires the involvement of the national level as well. This project covers all preparatory work needed to set-up the intended Art. 169 initiative.

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