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Management of AGing of I and C equipments in Nuclear Power Plants

Acronym: MAGIC
Start: 11/1/2006
End: 10/31/2008

Project Status History
unknown 11/1/2006
 Funding Programmes
NUCTECH-2005/6- Advanced tools for nuclear safety assessment and component design Coordination action 250000euro

Instrument and control (I&C) systems represent a critical part of Nuclear plant equipment. Several functions of I&C systems are directly safety related, such as the reactor protection system. The ageing of I&C equipment presents a risk for plant safety and availability. A number of utilities have experienced plant shutdowns after electronic failures due to ageing.A plant shutdown is a transient initiator. Moreover, if ageing phenomena are not anticipated, the renovations costs may be prohibitive because of the increased downtimes and the lack of preparation of these renovations. There is therefore a common need: anticipate the generic ageing mechanisms as early as possible.MAGIC coordination action gathers nuclear utilities and scientists and its objectives are to:- ensure a desirable reliability level of I&C systems during the remaining life time of the I&C systems, so that the objective of safety of the plant can be achieved,- ensure an homogeneous knowledge all over European nuclear utilities about the prevailing ageing mechanisms of I&C equipments, and the advanced tools (already used or under development) that are able to efficiently follow-up these mechanisms and to anticipate and plan refurbishments.- ensure, until the end of life of each Nuclear Plant, the O&M staff knowledge, necessary to manage I&C ageing.Here is a brief description of MAGIC actions:- Create a European network of partners.- Share utilities and scientific knowledge about: I&C ageing mechanisms, follow-up indicators, and corresponding tools to measure these indicators. A permanent common database will be developed and maintained.- Share advanced tools to measure ageing indicators for each type of I&C equipment. The feasibility studies will be performed within the MAGIC CA but the subsequent development and tests will be funded with private funds.- Create a training document for I&C operation and maintenance staff.

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