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Prediction of Temperature Gradients Influencing the Quality of Electronic Products

Acronym: PROFIT
Start: 1/1/2000
End: 12/31/2002

Project Status History
Many business objectives related to yield, performance, reliability or safety are functions of temperature (gradients). PROFIT aims to create methods and tools to enable a timely assessment of these objectives in all stages of the product creation process. Today's analyses are seriously hampered by the lack of methods to predict temperature gradients in time and space at package, board and system level with sufficient accuracy. The project aims to overcome these drawbacks by major improvements in experimental techniques to acquire input data, in non-linear parameter estimation methods and in transient thermal characterisation of components. Standardisation is considered an important deliverable. Ultimately, the results are suited for implementation in emerging virtual prototyping methods and physic-based reliability analysis software. Objectives: Safety, performance and reliability of electronic products are a function of temperature. Higher accuracy in temperature predictability gives better control of design and manufacturing. Higher-quality products have a positive impact on the product's life-cycle-cost and people's quality of life. Industrial problems: 1. Cost/weight reduction with better quality 2. Physics-based prediction of reliability 3. Yield improvement of packages 4. Awareness of problems due to the absence of useful design specs 5. Standardisation of thermal characterisation. Solutions offered by PROFIT: 1. Significant improvements in temperature prediction for virtual prototyping 2. Accurate predictability of temperature gradients in time and space 3. Better-defined rejection criteria based on in-line quality testing 4. Dissemination of combined thermal expertise in EU through international contacts. Work description: The work will be directed towards major improvements in thermal analysis of the whole electronic design chain, from device via package and board to system. Important data required for accurate numerical analysis are lacking: interface resistances, emissivities, local boundary conditions and local board thermal conductivities, for which test setups will be built based on transient temperature measurements. Transient measurements at device and package level will be performed to assess their quality. Analysis of the data will be treated by using novel non-linear parameter estimation methods. Software will be improved, developed and integrated to facilitate the application of the project results in performance and reliability calculations. Various demonstrators showing the final deliverables are foreseen. The EU lead in thermal characterisation of steady-state compact models will be extended to the transient domain. Yearly workshops will be organised to promote discussion amongst experts, and to facilitate early standardisation. In short, the innovative elements are: - Novel statistical approach for the optimisation of experiments, analysis of transient data and generation of compact models. - Novel measurement techniques for the acquisition of input data. - Novel electrothermal and thermomechanical board/system level software. - New proposals for the standardisation of transient thermal characterisation. The Workpackages show clearly the required elements of the design chain: device, package, board, system. All parties needed to fulfil the objectives are in the consortium: semiconductor manufacturers, system makers, thermal software vendors, an SME focussing on statistics, a university specialised in electrothermal analysis and transient measurements, and a major research institution contributing in the fabrication of test dies and tool integration. Most partners have a long history in successful co-operation in related fields.

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