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Unification of power plant and solid waste incineration (UPSWING)

Acronym: UPSWING
Start: 1/1/2003
End: 12/31/2005

Project Status History
Objectives and problems to be solved: The UPSWING process combines both well-known energy conversion principles mainly of waste incineration followed by coal fired power plant combustion for heat/electricity (H/E) generation. The proposed project will be applicable on a competitive level with present technology to current and future EU members. UPSWING ensures the sustainable supply of H/E more economically with improved efficiency. This will be proven by theoretical and experimental investigations. Environmental and social aspects such as alleviating waste disposal problems and improved control of pollutants are well taken care off in the project by testing lab to large scale. The objectives of this project are to evaluate the UPSWING process and assess its potential by experimental and theoretical investigations. The results of the UPSWING project will be compiled in a guidebook, prepared by all partners. Description of the work : The novelty of the concept and its uniqueness compared to other state of the waste incineration processes has to be emphasized. The project is set out to assess and evaluate the great potential of the concept as well as of single process steps. To answer questions that arise when considering an implementation in the long run, following scientific and technical topics are defined. The topics are divided into 6 work packages with different contents. Nonetheless the work packages are interrelated and an intensive exchange between partners is envisaged. The following topics will be performed for pulverised fuelled boiler concepts fuelled by lignite and bituminous coal: - Determination of the best suited injection location of the incinerator flue gas in order to minimise any negative effect on boiler, ignition, combustion and emission performance - Improvement of knowledge of adsorption (PCDD/F) on coal at low temperatures and to ensure the destruction of PCDD/F in the high temperature zone of the boiler and control any other pollutants - Evaluation of most efficient way of incorporating the incinerator steam circuit into the coal fired plant - Power plant residue properties inline with the requirements set by further utilisation will be investigated in order to maintain the market - Determination of the economic advantages of the process in all areas: investment, operation and maintenance will be addressed - Investigation of the potential of different scrubber types to simultaneously remove particles, acid components and mercury from the flue gas of the waste incinerator. Expected Results and Exploitation Plans: The results of the UPSWING project will be compiled in a guidebook. This guidebook will include the following topics and should enable a future application of the UPSWING process: - Evaluation of waste quantities and qualities of the current waste management system - Evaluation of power plant locations including non-technical basics - Evaluation of the most suited power plants available for coupling in the NAS - Start up/shut down/emergency measures- Influence of coupling on the power plant process - Construction and adaptation of highly flexible flue gas cleaning systems - Adsorption capacities PCCD/F on pulverised coal and their destruction in furnace - Technical solutions for lowest NOx/Cl/Hg outputs - Secured power plant ash qualities in terms of a further utilisation. Dissemination of results towards application in the EU and/or NAS is most likely, as the project team consists of industry, RS organisations and universities from EU countries and NAS. Two industrial NAS partners are interested in the novel process and specific sites have been designated for detailed investigation.

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