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Structural Monitoring with Advanced Integrated Sensor Technologies

Acronym: SMIST
Start: 5/1/2005
End: 4/30/2008

Project Status History
unknown 5/1/2005
 Funding Programmes
AERO-2003- Maintenance Specific Targeted Research Project 3230000euro

The objective of the proposed project is to let the best and most advanced sensing technologies to become an integral part of the aircraft structure and to thus implement Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) into aircraft structural design with respect to maintenance cost reduction, increased aircraft availability and significant weight savings. The main project target is thus to develop and validate monitoring technologies which are able to deliver the expected cost savings for maintenance and enable innovative structural design for metals and composites.The main innovation through SMIST will be to equip aerostructures with an integrated sensing function by adaptation of advanced sensor technologies to SHM systems with the SHM systems being ready to be adapted to virtually any type of real aircraft structure and under a real In-Service environment. The project is based on clear requirements established at the beginning of the project (WP1), followed by sensor technology and monitoring system development and adaptation (WP2) and finally completed by a validation onreal components and even aircraft level (WP3).The most suitable sensor-based monitoring technologies will be developed by first identifying the physics of damages and by the development of the adequate sensors and sensor systems (i.e. piezoelectric, fibre optic, electromagnetic, etc.), thus to be in position to realise the optimum monitoring solution for the respective damaging scenario. Major Research Area1.3.1.1 'Strengthening the Competitiveness' focussing on its main objective 2 which is: 2. Reducing the operating cost by 20% and 50% in the short and long term respectively, through reduction in fuel consumption, maintenance costs and other direct operating costs. Further contribution Research Area ' Improving Environmental Impact with Regard to Emissions and Noise' Research Area 'Improving Aircraft Safety and Security'

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