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COllaborative COMmerce in exPANding value creating International Networks

Start: 8/1/2002
End: 7/31/2003

Project Status History
unknown 8/1/2002
 Funding Programmes
CORDIS Preparatory, accompanying and support measures224992 

The road mapping study COMPANION analyses the notion of collaborative commerce exclusively in the Distributed Business Process Network domain. Indeed a the main focus of the study is on analysis of visionary non-linear supply chains models and the their respective business processes. Additionally the project focuses on the role of changing ERP systems in value creating networks. A basic assumption is that for managing, monitoring, or optimising a value network, ERP-II systems along with new c-commerce applications are needed to provide functionality such as collaborative planning or project management. The objective of this study is to investigate "how" to develop distributed business processes supporting collaborative commerce in value creating networks. To complete the roadmap picture on c-commerce COMPANION is going to collaborate with three other roadmaps of the SMART organisations unit. Objectives: The COMPANION roadmap aims at talking about developing new models for collaborative business processes in distributed networks in c-commerce and at examining the challenges and potential opportunities for the next 0-3/3-5/5-10 years. An analysis of needs, existing or forecasted gaps, and visions will be performed, in order to understand the characteristics and impacts of various future scenarios. This analysis of different visionary scenarios should establish the trade-offs between the technology push and the application pull. One of the main objectives is to report and characterise non-linear supply chains network models from the business process point of view. Accordingly this research should also be able to express some goals and to state the necessary steps and activities to achieve those. Potential implementation models will focus attention on priority areas for research and collaboration. The research approach will be based on feedback loops to ensure the quality of the results. Work description: The first work package concentrates on the questions where are we right now?, what solutions are available?, and what are best practices? This work package will limit the scope of the research area and specify the consortiums understanding of business process network modelling in c-commerce. The second tasks of the work package focuses on the identification of industrial c-commerce need, requirements and visions. The partners will organise dedicated and pre-scheduled workshops dealing with these issues, and aimed at identifying the needs of European industry. These workshops will involve all COMPANION partners and associated members, as well as external experts coming from other research projects or from the industry. The results of these workshops will be reported in a needs and visions report. Having identified a set of common challenges and objectives, a roadmap will be developed in the second work package. The COMPANION roadmap aims at specifying the c-commerce vision across sectors and the actions necessary to achieve these. The consortium intends to develop the study on a continuous basis over a 6-month period. In that period, the material will be analysed so that relevant elements are identified, adjustments and improvements are performed, and the necessary changes in the overall roadmap framework are implemented. Continuous feedback loops will ensure the consistency of the activities of the COMPANION network, and manage the relationships with and among associated members as well as the organisation of workshops. COMPANION associated members should provide an important channel for the roadmap development, and guarantee the evaluation and the dissemination of the COMPANION results. Work package 3 deals with the project management of the project. Whereas task 3.1 is about creating a public website task 3.2 is really about the management of the project itself. Finally work package 4 is about exploitation and dissemination. Milestones: The main result of the initiative will be a roadmap for business process network modelling in c-commerce. Following milestones can be summarised: M1: Web-portal, in month 1; M2: State of the art report for c-commerce, in month 3; M3: Delphi study, in month 6; M4: Strategic roadmap, in month 10; M5: Strategic roadmap - public. We can summarise the following conclusions and recommendations: R1: Interest Group workshops will create a community; R2: The roadmap will be the basis for an IP proposal.

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