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Dissemination and Technology Transfer of Emerging IST Results to European Union Associated Countries

Acronym: EMERGE
Start: 1/1/2001
End: 6/30/2002

Project Status History
unknown 1/1/2001
 Funding Programmes
CORDIS Preparatory, accompanying and support measures749542 

EMERGE is an IST Accompanying Measure Project. Its primary aim is to act as a catalyst for the information flow between the innovative technologies, applications and know-how developed by IST projects covering essential technologies and infrastructures (IST Programme, Key Action IV projects - referred to hereafter as EMERGE-relevant projects) and the Telecommunications & Services Sector in the EU Newly Associated States from Central and Eastern Europe (CEEC-NAS countries). EMERGE will assist in the creation of a level playing field in both CEEC-NAS countries and the EU. It will maximise the ability of both EU and CEEC-NAS countries to compete effectively in the Open Service Market and will contribute to a pervasive Information Society characterised by advanced European technologies and social values. It will actively facilitate partnership networks between EU and CEEC-NAS countries companies with a view to encourage CEEC-NAS countries participation in IST projects. Objectives: The overall objective is to facilitate RTD dissemination and co-operation with actors in the CEEC-NAS countries, thus confirming the international role of European Research. The focus will be on the following themes: Internet centred Networks and Services, Internet Service Creation and Provision, Active and Programmable network and service technologies, Multi-Domain Service Management, Quality of Service Guaranties, services based on optical and mobile networks, Application Service Provision. To this purpose the project will: · develop and implement cost effective mechanisms for on line and off line interactive dissemination of IST results: Virtual Forum, Partnership Networks and Dedicated Sessions at carefully selected conferences · actively promote partnership networks with a view to encourage CEEC-NAS countries participation in IST projects · produce the necessary dissemination material: Project Results Repository and CD ROM · convey to the EMERGE-relevant projects a coherent set of the telecommunications requirements of the rapidly developing Service markets in CEEC-NAS countries. Work description: · to establish a Liaison Groups with the selected IST projects more specifically with the partners responsible for analysis, dissemination and exploitation activities; · to maintain close liaison with the European Commission IST Office and to maximise the use of IST co-ordinating mechanisms and of suitable complementary initiatives; · to consolidate and package the projects results, successes and exploitation plans of EMERGE-relevant projects taking into account their relevance to the CEEC-NAS countries requirements and to distribute them electronically and in the form of a CD ROM; · to set up and maintain a Virtual Forum (www) for Pan-European IST Co-operation and Partnership Networks; · to set up and maintain Partnership Networks which will include operators, manufacturers, universities, research centres and users in the CEEC-NAS countries. The purpose of these partnership networks is to increase awareness of the exciting work carried out by IST projects and to act as facilitators for the formation of project consortia with partners form CEEC-NAS countries; · to organise dedicated IST sessions within 5 regional/international conferences on the directions and technological advances of the selected EMERGE-relevant projects and to target them to the telecommunications and services actors in CEEC - NAS countries, with particular emphasis on the countries, in which these events are hosted (Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the Baltic States). Milestones: · Setting up of Virtual Forum (WWW) for Pan-European IST Dissemination and Partnership Networks · Organisation of dedicated IST sessions within 5 regional/international conferences · Production of Dissemination Material: Project Results Repository, CD ROM.

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